"Thomas" is back...

Tuuuttt... tuuuttt.. Thomas n Friends is back on the track.. And this would give good news to the residents around Papar, Kinarut and along the way at Putatan as well. Coz, they now have alternative routes to reach their workplaces. Mostly for those who work in K.K... You know la kan.. area sana tu start dari Kinarut sampai KK, jalan jem gila.. Ntah bila laitu jalan di sana mau siap.

The interior look owesome
According to the opinion of my friend, the train is beautiful and great looks. The interior had also been enhanced.. Make me impatient to try the service.. hehehe.

I still remember, last time I ride this train in 1994 from Tg Aru railway station to Papar.. perrghhh.. lama sdh pula tu kan.. hehehe. Time tu masih sikul lagi bah.. baru tingkatan 4.. That was 17 years ago.. This time, I want to bring my family to ride this train, travel from Tg Aru to Beaufort... I was wondering if my lil prince Rayyan like it or not sinced he is very interested in trains.. especially the cartoon Thomas n Friends.

Not forgetting my beloved lil princess Ryanna, how would she feel when she is boarded the train.. hehehe.. just wait and see la kan... chowww !!

p/s: photo --> credit to my friend Marjorie... thanks fren !!

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CinoiLavigne said...

nice one

de engineur said...

good to have alternatice mode of transport.

the train doesnt look new though...

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