Am I able to become a tourist guides?

TO be the tourist guide??? no way bro.... I am able to be your tourist guide only at certain areas.. Especially if you visit my hometown Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. If you wish to travel to KL, I can be your guide as well. Others places, i'm surrender.. susah, nanti kita sama2 sesat la pulak.. hehehehehe.

Ok la... After we done with our mission to conquer the Mount Kinabalu, on the same day, we continue our trip to Kota Kinabalu. Here, we stayed at Hotel Stay Inn. Located in the Sedco building, the budget is really ideal for us. For 3D2N, each person only has to pay a total RM40.. Really budget aaa.. !!

JUST CHECK IN.... at Stay Inn Hotel
(pic above left: Mr Fairuz try to be a Porter)
 Talking about tour guide... I have been appointed to be the unofficial tour guide to my colleagues when we were in KK. Buli la ba kan... tempat sendiri jg.. bukan susah pun mau bawa drg jalan2.
My job as a "tour guide" is not very difficult.. Just took them sightseeing around the city of Kota Kinabalu... took them to the places of interest and tourist attraction places such as Pasar Filipin, Waterfront, shopping complex.. etc.

CITY TOUR.... where is the good stuff... we want to bring them back to KL.
One of my friend said to me... "ko masih pandai ka jalan2 d KK... bertahun-tahun sdh ko tggl d KL.... jadi org KL sdh ko tu.".. hahahahaha.. very funny bro... weeiii... this is my hometown bro.. tukar mcm mana pun tu arah jalanraya semua... it's not a big problem to me.

If Sarawak is popular with Ikan Terubuk masin and Kek Lapis.. Sabah is well know of the PEARL !!! yessss..... The treasure of the sea that would be the best choice to serve as a souvenier for every tourist who travel to the Land Below The Wind. Kawan2 saya juga tidak terkecuali... mereka "borong" pearl.. makanan ringan (kuih cincin), Kopi Tenom and Sabah Tea...

Althought still tired, my colleagues still have energy to explore the city.. 10am - 10pm... perrghhh!!! dorang ni nda tau penat ka... hehehehe.. we just have a day to tour the city. That's why they were really exited.

FLY BACK TO KL... while waiting for our flight at KKIA.
WELCOME HOME GUYS... just landed at KLIA.
The next day (30th April) we flew back to KL... left many sweet memories during our holiday in Kota Kinabalu.. Memories that will remain forever.

Once again thanks guys for visiting my hometown!!!! *cheers*

P/S: Looking for me?? I was the photographer and the tour guide as well... so, jgn heran la muka sya tiada dlm gmbr nie aaa... besides, I can take photos anytime here... coz, this is my hometown.

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Journey to the summit of Mt Kinabalu (Final)

Hello there.... Thanks for keep following my story... This is the final episode.. *smile*

28th April - After we managed to conquer the summit of Mt Kinabalu... Without wasting time, we continue our journey back down to Laban Rata.. everyone is hungry.. so, we have to move fast. hehehehe.... errr... looks like my story banyak cerita pasal makan pula kan.

Beside, we also need to get ready to-go-back to the kaki gunung on the same day. Meaning, we don't have much time. Everything must be done fast.. So, after taking dozens (total 493 photos) of photos for memories, we begin the steps move down the mountain.

From the peak to Laban Rata, it's take half an hour to get there. After having a rest and enjoy some food as well.. we started packing our stuff. Promptly at 11.00 am,. we begin to move down to the foot of the mountain.. err.. betul ka tu ayat untuk "kaki gunung".. hehe.

ENJOY the views....
SAFETY FIRST... watch your step

HATI RIANG GEMBIRA.... pasal makan... mmg nombor satu.
Time to go down... Non-stop.... !!! Just relax only for 2 or 3 minutes... mau cepat sampai bawah.. Semasa mendaki kami mencatat masa 5 jam untuk sampai ke Laban Rata... Tetapi apabila turun.. kami berjaya catat masa selama 3 jam 45 minit.. perrghhhh.. 

Wait a second.. do you think we are too fast??? NO..!!!! Because there are somebody out there who are damn fast... See the picture below.

How they do it..???? Only take a time 2 hours to up and down!!! 
PHOTO MEMORIES.... (From Left) Zaid Kacak, Fairuz the Cool-man,
Zamri the Horbet,  Johan the Porter/Guide, Asai the Guitar Hero and Yazid the Big Boss.

Goodbye Gunung Kinabalu..... surely I will miss all the memories with you guys (the guide, porter, cleaner, officer, van driver.. climbers and specially my TEAM)... And I will climb this mountain again in future.. choowwww..!!!

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Journey to summit of Mt Kinabalu (Part 2)

Let continue the great story of mine... *smile*

28th April - The watch is showing at 1:30 am.. With great enthusiasm we stepped out of the room and headed to the dining hall (that's only the intention in our mind at that time.. EAT)... Hehehehehe. Let's supper !!! because the weather is very cold (understand the temperature stood at negative (-3) degrees Celsius). Thus, we easily get hungry and hungry !!!!

KM 8... another 200m to go

The sunrise.....
One more thing.. actually, when we climbed up to Laban Rata.. I was not feeling well.. experiencing severe headaches. Probably due to the extreme cold weather and the pressure as well

"Ya Allah !!!! Give me strength to face these allegations. Amin."

tried to ignore the pain... and at exactly 2:30 am, we started climbing to the summit. everything starts smoothly. Moving with caution in the early morning darkness. It is estimated that a total of 50 climbers (from all over the world) started climbing the mountain at the same time. Totally memang jem jalan time tu..

One-by-one and team-by-team 'over take' us! Mana buli jadi ni... hehehe.. At first, we were in the front position.. kira yang paling awal daki tu gunung la ba kan.. tapi ntah mcm mana team kami blh berada di belakang.. sikit lg yang paling last..... chayokkkkk.... hahahahaha.. nda ba.. *laugh*

The most challenging part is when you have to use the climbing rope.. perrrghhh.. I'm telling you what.. mis-step, you will fall into the ravine. So, don't play-play aaa... must be serious !!! errrr... actually safety first !!

Severe headache strikes again... langkah panjang jadi pendek! langkah laju jadi pelan! With the strong wind and very cold air.. I almost gave up!! although the distance is just 700m away to the peak.

Finally, I made ​​it to the highest peak in Southeast Asia at exactly 6:00 am!! Two of our friends conquered the peak earlier and they managed to say HI to the sunrise. The other friend made it 20 minute later.. ok la ba kan... at least sampai jg semua..

WE MADE IT...!!!!!!! congratulation to all.
(from left: Madonna, Lady Gaga, Fairuz, Zamri (sit), Zaid Kacak and Asai)
After about 15 minutes at the summit... kami pun turun kembali ke Laban Rata... dengan hati yang sungguh riang gembira.... hehehe... dan dalam fikiran time tu... MAKAN !!!!! kami lapar ni...


To be continued... stay tune... chowwwww !!!!

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Journey to the summit of Mt Kinabalu (Part 1)....

Do you understand the title that I gave? MENUJU KE PUNCAK GUNUNG KINABALU...  Yehaaaaa... !!! at last, I made it..!!!

It all started with an empty conversation between me and other colleagues in 2009.. We plan to conquer the mountain.. And the plan became serious in 2010. We started sourcing an agent, of coz the one that can come out with reasonable and affordable price! 

The main concern about the the stay during the climb is that for both of the nights that you have, you will have to spend it on a different place and at a different altitude level. You have to stay in Kinabalu Park HQ (Mesilau or Timpohon) on the first night and Laban Rata on the second night. 

We need to adjust the date as per the availability of the accommodation and finally 27th April 2011 has been picked to fulfilled our dreams!!

Actually, only four of us are planning for this expedition. However, when we expressed the desire - to conquer the summit - to our Boss, he expressed interest in joining us TOO. What a lucky day... hehehehehe.. bukan senang Boss nak join oiii.

26th April - It's almost 9:30 am and we landed safely at KKIA.. fly with FireFly.. However, we got the bad news.. BAD NEWS INDEED!! My luggage has been opened by someone without my permission!! And I have lost my sun-glasses worth RM380!!! I am not alone but many passengers had the same bad luck like me.... Shittt..!!

However, occasional loss of the goods does not dampen our spirit to conquer the highest peak in Southeast Asia. Teda tu spek pun buli jg ba.. hehehehe.
the banner "Asai & The Gangs"... mahal tu beb.
At the National Park
The deepest part of my life - during the shuttle flight KL to KK - when someone is waiting for me at the airport, by holding a banner that stated my name... wakakakakaka.. punya best.. lps tu, ada lagi Bas Persiaran tunggu d luar... yehaaaa !!! I feel like a foreign tourist visiting Sabah, my hometown!! hehehe..

Without wasting time, we continued our journey to Kundasang Highland. Errr.. There is nothing interesting during this trip. Only, the scenery of green mountains. After about an hour's drive, we arrived at the National Park. Here, we register the names for the purpose of climbing the mountain. After that,  we proceeded to Mesilau, Kundasang.. We will stay here for one night.  All go to bed early... really cool... !!!

Room where we stayed at Mesilau.
27th April - 9:30 am.. The journey begins... Are you ready..????? let's rock n roll.. As we were TOO "lazy" to carry our bags during the climbing, we surrendered everything to our Guide cum Porter including water and packet of lunch.. a total of 33kg and we had to pay a sum of RM330 (RM10 per kg).. Phewwww...

It was so surprise, he lifted the heavy burden of 33kg alone, up to Laban Rata without any complaints!!! Memang "Raja Gunung"... perrghhh!!

all the way... have a break!!
The journey begins
While being briefed about the distance and travel time to Laban Rata, we understand that it will take up to 8 hours to reach the destination. But, we managed to get to destinations within 5 hours (arrival at 3:00pm).. so fast hah... hehehehe..

After having a buffet dinner.. relax ... while enjoying the very cold weather (10 degrees celcius).. sleeping is the best way to relax the mind and physical.. To be more energetic climbing to the peak at 2:00 am later.

Beautiful view from Laban Rata... guess what... kami berada di atas awan.

To be continued... stay tune.... chowww !!!!

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