Am I able to become a tourist guides?

TO be the tourist guide??? no way bro.... I am able to be your tourist guide only at certain areas.. Especially if you visit my hometown Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. If you wish to travel to KL, I can be your guide as well. Others places, i'm surrender.. susah, nanti kita sama2 sesat la pulak.. hehehehehe.

Ok la... After we done with our mission to conquer the Mount Kinabalu, on the same day, we continue our trip to Kota Kinabalu. Here, we stayed at Hotel Stay Inn. Located in the Sedco building, the budget is really ideal for us. For 3D2N, each person only has to pay a total RM40.. Really budget aaa.. !!

JUST CHECK IN.... at Stay Inn Hotel
(pic above left: Mr Fairuz try to be a Porter)
 Talking about tour guide... I have been appointed to be the unofficial tour guide to my colleagues when we were in KK. Buli la ba kan... tempat sendiri jg.. bukan susah pun mau bawa drg jalan2.
My job as a "tour guide" is not very difficult.. Just took them sightseeing around the city of Kota Kinabalu... took them to the places of interest and tourist attraction places such as Pasar Filipin, Waterfront, shopping complex.. etc.

CITY TOUR.... where is the good stuff... we want to bring them back to KL.
One of my friend said to me... "ko masih pandai ka jalan2 d KK... bertahun-tahun sdh ko tggl d KL.... jadi org KL sdh ko tu.".. hahahahaha.. very funny bro... weeiii... this is my hometown bro.. tukar mcm mana pun tu arah jalanraya semua... it's not a big problem to me.

If Sarawak is popular with Ikan Terubuk masin and Kek Lapis.. Sabah is well know of the PEARL !!! yessss..... The treasure of the sea that would be the best choice to serve as a souvenier for every tourist who travel to the Land Below The Wind. Kawan2 saya juga tidak terkecuali... mereka "borong" pearl.. makanan ringan (kuih cincin), Kopi Tenom and Sabah Tea...

Althought still tired, my colleagues still have energy to explore the city.. 10am - 10pm... perrghhh!!! dorang ni nda tau penat ka... hehehehe.. we just have a day to tour the city. That's why they were really exited.

FLY BACK TO KL... while waiting for our flight at KKIA.
WELCOME HOME GUYS... just landed at KLIA.
The next day (30th April) we flew back to KL... left many sweet memories during our holiday in Kota Kinabalu.. Memories that will remain forever.

Once again thanks guys for visiting my hometown!!!! *cheers*

P/S: Looking for me?? I was the photographer and the tour guide as well... so, jgn heran la muka sya tiada dlm gmbr nie aaa... besides, I can take photos anytime here... coz, this is my hometown.

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JsCharlie said...

i think u forgot to bring your friend at 1 place bro..(Heaven Place) i think u know that haha

Asai said...

Really...??? how come i forgot to bring them to the "heaven place"... hahahahaha.. errr.. bro, which one the "heaven place"... you know la kan.. KK got sooooo many "Heaven Place".. pening kepala mau pilih yg terbaik.. hahahaha

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