Singapore Two Zam Zam... The rude restaurant in Singapore !!

AFTER explored some of the interesting places around Singapore. Now, time for us to enjoy our dinner. So hungry you know ! My wife suggested that we have our dinner at Restoran Beriyani Zam Zam. The famous restaurant in Singapore! well, since the restaurant is near to our hotel, we choose this restaurant. Besides, we never try the menu.. Beriyani Zam Zam, sound weird.

From Bugis Street we walked to this restaurant. Around 100 meter. So tired.

Unfortunately, when we arrived at the restaurant.. Tiada meja kosong.. haiya !! we feel a bit disappointed. We try to find another restaurant that maybe available in the surrounding area. Once again, we are disappointed. All restaurants have already closed their business... hmmm.. Then, we decided to go back to the restaurant zam zam.. And this time, we were lucky as there is an empty table.

NO 1 in the Singapore ??? ... hmmm.. I said YES for VERY RUDE RESTAURANT

This restaurant has many customers.. Pekerja restoran ni pun sibuk membuat kerja masing2... But, that is not the main reason for them not to take orders from us. We were sitting at the table for 15 minutes. Waitress just pass in front of us. hmmm... After 20 minutes, I went into the restaurant to order food.. "self service" . I think this is the best way for us to order food. After reviewing the menu, then I make my order from the waiter. BUT, they give me an answers that really make me disappointed !!! For me, this restaurant are VERY RUDE !
Me: Hello, I would like to order food for dinner.
Cook: Open your eyes mister.. I am not a waiter.. I am a chef (padahal tukang buat roti canai).. want to make your order.. ask the waiter.. you understand or not.. ada faham !!
Perghhh... poyo betul la tukang wat roti canai ni.. At this time, I still can be patient. Even they give me disappointed answer. Never mind, maybe dorang busy sampai tekanan kerja.. I went back to the table. After so long we still at the same place. what.. whether we are invisible or semua pekerja restoran ni buta !!
Once again, I went into the restaurant.. This time, I ordered our drink from the cashier.. And I also bring the drinks to our table.. hmmm.. "part time waiter".. Still frustrated, I decided to make order from waiter at the food counter. I think I will get layanan baik from this waiter. But, they are all the same.. Semua kurang ajar ajar dan biadap.. Tua atau muda sama saja !!
Me: "Uncle, I nak pesan satu set Beriyani Zam Zam Mutton" (a polite tone).
Waitress: "You pegi duduk dulu.. nanti ada orang ambik order" (gross tone)
Me: "Saya suda duduk almost an hour.. tapi takde sape pun yang ambik order"
Waitress: "You mau bungkus ka atau makan sini"
Me: "I nak makan sini la uncle"
Waitress: "Nasi suda habis.. mau tunggu lagi 20 minit baru siap masak"
Me: "Tadi baru je I nampak you buka bekas nasi yang besar tu.. ade separuh.. boleh buat sepuluh set beriyani.. I sudah duduk situ dekat sejam uncle.. sekarang you nak I tunggu lagi 20 minit?? what, you think I nak sangat makan kat restoran ni." (I lost my patience).
Then, I go to cash caunter and pay our drinks.. Not enough with that, the cashier also very rude.. what wrong with these guys? They don't know how to speak softly. What they know is only scolding customer. I wonder why other customers still can get layanan baik? hmmm... double-standard.. Perhaps, we are Malaysian.. They are Singaporean.. are they hate Malaysian? Serious.. I have few friends who have been to the restaurant.  They all give the same opinion. They also recevied poor service from this restaurant.

I said to the cashier.. "What the fuck... You know what..  Tonight is the night that really unfortunate for me and my wife as well.. hmm... I promise to myself, this is my first and last I entered your restaurant.. good night and have a nice day"

So, for Malaysian people... Better avoid to come to this restaurant..

** Sepatutnya ni story kena publish on 2nd April 2012... BUT, I forgot to click "Publish" button on the screen... haiya.. expired story.. hahaha !

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zila said...

can imagined ur story..fuhhh..mostly go there before..but the restaurant closed.. luckily!!!

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