Singapore Two Zam Zam... The rude restaurant in Singapore !!

AFTER explored some of the interesting places around Singapore. Now, time for us to enjoy our dinner. So hungry you know ! My wife suggested that we have our dinner at Restoran Beriyani Zam Zam. The famous restaurant in Singapore! well, since the restaurant is near to our hotel, we choose this restaurant. Besides, we never try the menu.. Beriyani Zam Zam, sound weird.

From Bugis Street we walked to this restaurant. Around 100 meter. So tired.

Unfortunately, when we arrived at the restaurant.. Tiada meja kosong.. haiya !! we feel a bit disappointed. We try to find another restaurant that maybe available in the surrounding area. Once again, we are disappointed. All restaurants have already closed their business... hmmm.. Then, we decided to go back to the restaurant zam zam.. And this time, we were lucky as there is an empty table.

NO 1 in the Singapore ??? ... hmmm.. I said YES for VERY RUDE RESTAURANT

This restaurant has many customers.. Pekerja restoran ni pun sibuk membuat kerja masing2... But, that is not the main reason for them not to take orders from us. We were sitting at the table for 15 minutes. Waitress just pass in front of us. hmmm... After 20 minutes, I went into the restaurant to order food.. "self service" . I think this is the best way for us to order food. After reviewing the menu, then I make my order from the waiter. BUT, they give me an answers that really make me disappointed !!! For me, this restaurant are VERY RUDE !
Me: Hello, I would like to order food for dinner.
Cook: Open your eyes mister.. I am not a waiter.. I am a chef (padahal tukang buat roti canai).. want to make your order.. ask the waiter.. you understand or not.. ada faham !!
Perghhh... poyo betul la tukang wat roti canai ni.. At this time, I still can be patient. Even they give me disappointed answer. Never mind, maybe dorang busy sampai tekanan kerja.. I went back to the table. After so long we still at the same place. what.. whether we are invisible or semua pekerja restoran ni buta !!
Once again, I went into the restaurant.. This time, I ordered our drink from the cashier.. And I also bring the drinks to our table.. hmmm.. "part time waiter".. Still frustrated, I decided to make order from waiter at the food counter. I think I will get layanan baik from this waiter. But, they are all the same.. Semua kurang ajar ajar dan biadap.. Tua atau muda sama saja !!
Me: "Uncle, I nak pesan satu set Beriyani Zam Zam Mutton" (a polite tone).
Waitress: "You pegi duduk dulu.. nanti ada orang ambik order" (gross tone)
Me: "Saya suda duduk almost an hour.. tapi takde sape pun yang ambik order"
Waitress: "You mau bungkus ka atau makan sini"
Me: "I nak makan sini la uncle"
Waitress: "Nasi suda habis.. mau tunggu lagi 20 minit baru siap masak"
Me: "Tadi baru je I nampak you buka bekas nasi yang besar tu.. ade separuh.. boleh buat sepuluh set beriyani.. I sudah duduk situ dekat sejam uncle.. sekarang you nak I tunggu lagi 20 minit?? what, you think I nak sangat makan kat restoran ni." (I lost my patience).
Then, I go to cash caunter and pay our drinks.. Not enough with that, the cashier also very rude.. what wrong with these guys? They don't know how to speak softly. What they know is only scolding customer. I wonder why other customers still can get layanan baik? hmmm... double-standard.. Perhaps, we are Malaysian.. They are Singaporean.. are they hate Malaysian? Serious.. I have few friends who have been to the restaurant.  They all give the same opinion. They also recevied poor service from this restaurant.

I said to the cashier.. "What the fuck... You know what..  Tonight is the night that really unfortunate for me and my wife as well.. hmm... I promise to myself, this is my first and last I entered your restaurant.. good night and have a nice day"

So, for Malaysian people... Better avoid to come to this restaurant..

** Sepatutnya ni story kena publish on 2nd April 2012... BUT, I forgot to click "Publish" button on the screen... haiya.. expired story.. hahaha !

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China Town, Singapore

SINCE today is our last day in Singapore, we won't leave this country without minimal souvenir shopping. A side from the endless photo shoots, bringing home even a single key chain is one of my ways of taking a piece of a place with me.

As our flight back to KL is scheduled at 2.00 pm, still got extra time and we took the opportunity to go to China TownIf you travel to Singapore. China Town is the place you must visit. There are many products sold here at low prices such as gift items or souvenir. Believe it or not, 30 pcs of key chain sold only at $10 dolar ! For me, it is really cheap. For your infomation, at Bugis Street they sold 18 pcs for $10 dolar.. and some other place sold 6 pcs for $5 dolar. You won't regret.

Due to our accomodation hotel located at Bugis Street, so we need to change or transit MRT tren for 3 times to get to China Town. From Bugis MRT station, we took a green MRT heading to Joo Koon  and transit at the second station City Hall. From City Hall, we continue our journey with red MRT heading to Jurong East and also transit at the second station Dhoby Ghaut. Then, we travel with purple MRT heading to Habour Front. After two station, we have reached the destination.. welcome to China Town. 

** Since there are three platform tracks at Dhoby Ghaut station, and each MRT heading in different direction, you have to make sure that you are at the right platform. Simple and easy, just look at the colour platform or direction signboard.

Cheap sale....
Perfume from Lucky Plaza
Some of the more than 30 pcs key chain that we bought from Singapore
from Universal Studio
Multipurpose handbag

After about two hours we spent time and money here, now it's time for us to leave. Travel with MRT is more easy, fast and hassle free. Thus, once again, the MRT service is required. But this time, it will not take us to the interesting places around Singapore. However, The MRT service needed  to take us to the Changi International Airport.

Short trip to this country is really fun and enjoy. Although tired, but we were happy. We're able to visit some interesting places, that must be visited, during our 2 days 1 night holiday. Never say goodbye to Singapore. We will be back for holiday to this country in the future.

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Hanging out - Singapore

IF you haven’t seen the Merlion Park, you haven’t fully seen Singapore. An imaginary creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish, the Merlion is the most important trademark, and symbol of the country. Thus, this place would be the first place we visit after enjoying at Universal Studio. Merlion Park is located next to Marina Bay on the city's edge.

As I told you in my previous entry, it is not easy for us to find this place. We understand that we need to get off at Raffles Place MRT station. Then, have to walk to reach the place. However ,after we came out of the station, we do not see the monument. What we see only the buildings, road and shops.. haiya.. are we lost honey? hmmm.. my wife try to find the place by using the map. But, we still confused.. and finally we decided to cross the road and hope we will find any directions to the place.  There are many buildings that have interesting modern design here. So, we don't get bored. Just enjoy the view.

THE MERLION PARK.... IF you haven’t seen the Merlion Park,
 you haven’t fully seen Singapore!
When we are busy taking pictures, from a far, my wife saw the monument that we are looking for. Yeahhhh.. without wasting time,  dari kaki kanan, cepat jalan... kiri kanan kiri.. have to walk around 200 metre to get there.. huhuhu.. Can not wait to go to that place.. Our hearts are excited.. and its became more excited when we stood right in front of the Merlion Statue. An imaginary creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish, the Merlion is the most important trademark, and symbol of the country. Yeahhhh !!!

After captured few pictures memories  at this park and enjoying the view as well, now it is time to say goodbye to "lion fish". We can not be long here as we need  to continue our journey to another place.
EXCITED... hubby n wife... perasan orang bujang pula.. hehe.
Hmmmm.. enjoy di Universal Studio dah.. gambar2 pemandangan dah.. visit the Merlion Park pun suda... so, where are we going honey?

Time for shopping !!! yeaah... Everyone likes shopping, especially the women.. betul ka tidak ooo sumandaks ja yg suka.. hehehe. I also like shopping.  My way (of shopping) -- When I see branded jeans that I like.. I'll look at this stuff.. testing.. testing.. see the prices.. if interested, I go straight to pay at the counter. Simple, only 15 minute.. no need to waste time looking others stuff inside the shop.

Well, different way from women.. They like to in-and-out of shops or boutiques. Usually, they will see all the items that sold in these store. After spending an hour in the shop, they will leave without buying anything. huh.... Then, they will go to another store and do the same thing. Hahahaha. No wonder when women go shopping, they will takes hours just to find a pair of shoes.. Nightmare bro !

Okay.. okay.. alamak, my comment terlebih suda... forget about it.

Continue to my main story.. hehehe... From Merlion Park, we took MRT heading to Orchard station. Lucky Plaza, the place where we to go. Situated in the midst of Singapore's premier shopping district, Lucky Plaza is bustles with its many shops and endless stream of shoppers. For your infomation, this place had been indentified as one of the most accessible landmarks along Orchard Road for the tourist. My opinion, this shopping complex can be consider a little Phillipines or little Indonesia. This is because majority restaurants (provide Phillippine or Indonesia cuisine), shop workers and visitor at this place are from Phillipines or Indonesia.

Lucky Plaza also famous with "cheap perfume". There are many famous perfume brands with cheap price can be found here. Seriously, TOO CHEAP !! Until it makes you wonder whether these products are original or fake! I did'nt buy any perfume here. But, my wife bought 3 bottles of perfume for her mum, bro and herself. I only bought Singapore's t-shirt for me and my kids.

I want to give you all some tips here -- When you want to buy perfume at Lucky Plaza, please remember DO NOT SHOP AT "DOLLARS AND SCENT" shop. Condemned and very poor attitude. You don't want to "waste their time". So, if you really want to buy something at this shop, please "show that you appreciate their service". Think carefully which brands you want to buy or test before you step in the shop. If not, their will say that "You are wasting time, please leave !!". You only have "three tries", after that you never get the 4th chance. You have to pay for the 4th bottle. Without prejudice !

Warning signboard stated inside this shop -- "No testing. Once you test any perfume, It is consider sold"... ni kali la.. klu pekerja kedai nampak anda test perfume untuk kali ke-4.. Anda akan terpaksa beli tu perfume biarpun anda tidak suka wangian tersebut.. perrghhh.. automatik terus kansel niat kami mau survey perfume di kedai ni.

Spending almost 2 hours here, we decided to go to Bugis Street night market. Looking for any interesting goods stuff here. Shopping inside this place is really fun. Cloths, shoes, survenier, hand watch or foods. Everything you want, you can find it here.. psst.. psst.. kedai sex accesories pun ada di sini. Kedai ni jual "adult toys".. Muahahahaha !!

The Bugis Street providing over 600 shops.  This place is the largest street shopping in Singapore. Possibly one of the best-known areas in this country. Because of too many shops here. This place became crowded! This situation uncomfortable to some visitors. Including us. Therefore, we only spent 30 minute in this place. Then, we step out looking for restaurant.. hungry.. hungry.. we need food !!

THE BUGIS STREET.... tempat best mau shopping !
After having our dinner... we went back to the hotel.. relax.. then.. ZZZzzzzzz !!

Around 3.00am.... my wife woke me up. She told me that somebody  is trying to open our door room!! I think that she was dreaming... No !! she's not dreaming.. this is a real. Yes, out there, somebody is trying to breaking into our room. What should we do? At that time, inside my head, my wife's safety is my priority! I try to look outside through the spy-hole. And I can see a couple boy and girl tries to open the door.

Just relax.. Calm down.. If they succesfully break into this room, I will attack them using 15" LCD television. Pasal ganti rugi kerosakan harta benda hotel... belakang cerita.. Perhaps, I will summon this hotel because they  failed to ensure the safety of their customers. I don't  know since when or how long they tries to break in our room. But, after 5 minute.. keadaan di luar senyap dan kemudian terdengar pintu bilik lain ditutup. I don't know which room it is Not important for us to know which one. The most important that thanks God we  are safe! Nothing bad happen to us. Well, lets continue sleep.. ZZzzzzZZZzz !!!


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Universal Studio, Singapore

Hi Guys,

Today, I want to story about my 2D1N trip to Singapore...

We began our journey from KL to Singapore as early as 5.00 am on March 31... mata pun masih ngantuk time drive keta.. huhuhu.. Since it is only 2D1N trip... we decided to park our car at the LCCT airport. For your infomation, you have choice whether you want to park your car in parking lot in front of the LCCT (the parking area that you have to pay RM3.50 for 1st hour / RM40.50 per day or more).

Or, you can park your car in parking lot that offer low price. Just pay RM16 per day (24 hours).. But, you have to walk 100 meter to get to the LCCT building. well, you wanted the low price, this is the price you have to 'pay' for choosing this parking area. I asked myself.. This area is secure? hmmmm... don't know... 50 -50. Pray nothing happen to our car.

Okay, forget about the parking rate... lets concentrate about Singapore.. hehehe.

Coz we are backpakers and check in via website, thus, we don't any luggage to drop.. After  immigration + security checking, we entered the boarding area.. have a breakfast first.. makan kenyang2.. sbb nanti atas flight teda kena kasi makan tu... flight only takes 40 minutes to reach the destination.. tidak sempat habis makan suda landing.. hehehe.

At 8.35am....AirAsia's flight departure to Changi International Airport, Singapore.

About 40 minutes later, we landing at Changi, Singapore.. upon arrival.. masih blur pasal ni airport. first time bha kami landing di sini.. bingung la sekijap.. hehehe.. so, we just followed the others until we saw the "Singapore Terminal Arrival Immigration".... After crossing this counter, our advanture just began !

Changi International Airport, Singapore
Talking about Singapore, first thing that thought in your mind must be The Universal Studio... right? And that is the destination and main purpose me and my beloved wife came here. Thus, our first destination of course The Universal Studio.. yeaahhh !!

But, since this was our first time here.. How to get there?
From Terminal 1, we followed 'skytrain' signboard which will take us to Terminal 2 (and also Terminal 3). It is a free shuttle that connects ppl from all the airport terminals. From Terminal 2, we followed 'train to city' signboard which took us to the Changi Airport MRT station.
We queue up and bought EZ link card for ourselves. The card cost us $12.00 dollars per card. The card itself is $5.00 dollars. So, we have $7.00 dollars 'on hand'.

To get to USS, read carefully... tarik nafas.. sbb bikin bingung juga ni laluan MRT..telampau byk mau tukar2 tren.
From Changi Airport, take the green MRT heading to Joon Koon or Pasir Ris and transit at the second station, Tanah Merah. From Tanah Merah Station, again take the green MRT heading towards Joon Koon and transit at Outram Park Station (11 stations). At Outram Park, take the purple MRT heading HarbourFront station to the HarbourFront station itself (only 1 station from Outram Park). The journey will cost you $2.30 dollars and about an hour traveling time.

MRT..... Singapore have too many MRT station. Can make you confused.
At HarbourFront Station, proceed to Level 3 of Vivo City Mall for the Sentosa Station to Sentosa Island. We didn't explore the mall cause.. errr... my wife can't wait to enter USS... huhuhu.. If you not using the EZ Link card, you have to buy return ticket from counter which will cost you $3.00 dollars. The monorail will bring you to the Waterfront Station. And here we are... Universal Studio just in front of your eyes !!
Biarpun kontrol macho kunun.... The fact is.. I was so excited to be here. Specially with my beloved wife... hehehe... I was very happy see my wife smiling from ear to ear when she see the 'haunted' Globe.
THE UNIVERSAL STUDIO.... too exited when we arrived here.
MOVIE CHARACTERS.... but unfortunately, we were unlucky
because we can not meet the legend actress Marilyn Monroe... Maybe she was on leave.

ROLLER COASTER.... There are two type of roller coaster here. First, the classic roller coaster...
and secondly, roller coaster "hanging leg"... Seriously, if you're weak-willed type.. Advised not to ride these thing.

After spending nearly 3 hours here, we decide to 'check out' from this place... we had to rush.. we need to check in to our hotel at Bugis Street area. Besides, our schedule is too tight. We have to visit to the other places.. China Town... Merlion Park.. hanging around the city, etc... perghhhh..

to be continue....

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Cameron Highlands - Part 2

Jom kita sambung ceciter pasal cuti-cuti Malaysia kt Cameron Highlands ni....
Hari ni still the 2nd day kite orang bercuti kat sini.... and aku nk ceciter pasal lawatan sambil belajar ke ladang Strawberry... perrghh.. kat ladang ni memang ade banyak buah strawberry.. bukan tu je, semua jenis makanan (coklat, biskut, ais krim, air) kat sini berasaskan atau berperisa strawberry.. hmmm.. staff kat sini mesti dah bosan dan muak untuk makan buah ni kan... hehehe.. ye la.. dah hari2 tgk buah ni.. mana tak muak.
Actually, kite org takde pun planning  nak pegi ladang ni.. jadual lawatan sepatutnya kite org pegi lawat satu ladang berdekatan hotel yang kami tinggal tu.. tetapi dah jalan jem teruk.. so, nampak je signboard "Strawberry farm"... terus cari kawasan nak parking keta.. dah penat dah weiii drive mcm ni.. family yang lain takpe la.. mereka duduk je dalam keta.. aku ni yang sengsara sbb jadi driver sepenuh masa.. macam dah nak tercabut lutut.. huhuhu.. dah la sakit kaki masa drive kat highway masa on the way ke tanah tinggi ni tak hilang lagi.. parah.. parah.. balik kl nanti nak cari tukang urut telapak kaki..
Big Red Strawberry Farm.... kat sini la kami landing sementara menunggu jalan jem tu clear.. lagi pun, wat ape la nak buang masa pijak clucth, minyak, break, tukar2 gear kat dalam keta tu kan.
My kids setia menemani atok mereka memetik buah strawberry...
Selepas lebih sejam melawat kawasan ladang ni... kami meneruskan perjalanan yang tanpa tujuan.. meaning takde plan nak g mane2 pun... follow je jalanraya kat Cameron Highlands ni.. tak nak risau bila drive kat sini.. takkan sesat punye la.. then, kalau jumpe mane2 tempat menarik.. singgah.. tu je..

Untuk makan malam... dengan happy kite org plan pergi ke pasar malam kat Brinchang.. cari la ape2 yang patot kat situ.. nasi ayam ke, mi goreng mamak ke... air cendol... hehehe.. dah lapar ni.. namun, keluar je dari kawasan hotel dan nak memasuki jalanraya utama, kegembiraan kami terbantut.. ingatkan malam2 mcm ni jalan dah clear... sekali tengok.. masih jem jugak... ni kali la.. apa leh wat arr... nasib badan.. try to imagine guys... sekiranya jalan clear.. dari tempat penginapan kami ni nak ke pasar malam tu cuma amik masa dalam 15 minit je untuk sampai.... tetapi, malam ni... perjalanan 15 minit tu bertukar menjadi 2 jam !!!!! oooooohhhhh... tidak... !!!!! perut yang tadi lapar.. sekarang automatik dah kenyang.. sedih betul la.

Lepas berjaya mendapat tempat parking keta... tu pun terpaksa parking jauh sbb dah takde pilihan.. singgah jap kat pasar malam tu.. beli ape2 yang patot je.. dah takde hati nak round2 kawasan ni.. penat beb.. balik hotel makan.. rileks jap... and then tido..
Day 3

Last day kat sini... Alhamdulillah jalanraya kat tanah tinggi pada pagi clear.. takde jem ke ape ke.. sebab kite org kuar awal pagi.. dalam jam 9.00 am dah check out hotel.. untuk pagi ni, kite org menjalani aktiviti yang paling wajib sebelum meneruskan perjalanan balik ke KL iaitu snap sebanyak mungkin gambar2 kat tempat ni... banyak la jugak kite org snap2... kalau guna filem kodak... ntah2 dah 100 gulung dah habis..
GAMBAR KENANGAN.. Sebelum berangkat balik ke KL...
aktiviti yang paling femes dan wajib... bergambar kenangan.
I LOVE MY FAMILY... bersama isteri dan kanak-kanak riang.
Selepas mengisi perut.. kite org memulakan perjalanan menuruni gunung berhawa sejuk ni.. dan tepat pukul 11.30 pagi... kite org telah pun melepasi plaza tol Simpang Pulai... dan masuk ke laluan highway Plus untuk pulang ke KL.... time ni memang best gile nak drive... jalan clear siottt... pewwwiittt... best.. best... aku pecut keta mpv aku tu sampai 170km/s.... konon2 nak balas dendam sbb ari tu tersangkut dalam jem teruk... errr... speed trap?? ntah2 keta aku ni dah kena gambar oleh kamera, mampus la aku.. dan ntah2 lepas ni kena kirim "surat cinta" dari polis trafik.. minta maaf encik polis trafik.. bukan sengaja nak drive laju mcm tu.. tapi saje nak test power keta mpv yang baru beli tu.. hehehe..
LIZARD.... gambar cicak besar ni saya snap masa tgh rest kat hentian rehat ..
dah lupa nama hentian tu.. tapi on the way balik KL.
Ni abang hero remaja nak bgtau kat luar sana.... cehhhh... abang konon.. hahahahahaha... err.. korang jangan nak follow cara abang drive keta laju mcm tu... sbb abang ni dah profesional.. setakat nak drift keta tu... abang wat satu tangan je.. hehehe.. serius guysdrive laju boleh.. bile takde polis.. dan yang paling penting sekali.. jangan sesekali anda terleka.. keselamatan adalah lebih diutamakan.. kalau rasa keta kat belakang lagi laju.. sila beri laluan.. jangan nak melawan.. jangan nak berlumba.. sebab ni semua melibatkan nyawa tu beb.. kalau nyawa tu hilang... dah takde ganti dah.. nyawa takde jual kt kedai.. so, always safety first.
PERBEZAAN.... gambar atas, highway Plus jem teruk sewaktu hendak ke Cameron Highland.. manakala gambar bawah situasi highway Plus yang clear dari jem. Masa ni kite orang bersedia untuk masuk sempadan KL melalui plaza tol Duta.
Bila kite org dah nampak bangunan pengcakar langit... hati lega.. dah nak sampai rumah.. yeaahh... melepasi plaza Jalan Duta.. kemudian masuk ke highway Duke... masuk pula ke laluan highway MRR2... dan kemudian masuk ke simpang Pandan Indah... parking keta kat tempat biasa.. dan finally.. home sweet home... arghhhhhh.. sakit badan.. dalam kepala otak aku ni.. nak tido.. nak tido..

The End.

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Cameron Highlands, Pahang

CUTI-CUTI  Malaysia.... kat sini saya nak story kat korang mengenai percutian kami sekeluarga di Cameron Highland, Pahang, bersempena dengan cuti perayaan Tahun Baru Cina yang disambut pada 23 – 24 Januari.. lucky cuti untuk perayaan tersebut jatuh pada hari Isnin dan Selasa... so campur dengan Sabtu dan Ahad.. dapat cuti sebanyak 4 hari... nak lagi lama cuti tu.. bukan susah pun.. apply je annual leave untuk Rabu Khamis dan Jumaat..

Bagi mengelak kesesakan time kat highway (yang memang dah dijangka akan berlaku setiap kali cuti perayaan).. kami memulakan perjalanan ke tempat peranginan yang femes dengan cuaca sejuk dan buah strawberry ni, seawal pukul 7.00 pagi.. hehe.. langit masih gelap lagi tu beb.. anak2 pun  dipaksa bangun g mandi.. hahahaha.. kesian bebudak berdua tu.. takpe la.. nanti kat dalam keta boleh sambung tido.. planning nak keluar awal ni juga disebabkan kami target nak sampai kat gunung peranginan tu dalam pukul 11.00 pagi.... so, sempat la usha2 mana2 tempat menarik untuk dilawati sebelum check in kat hotel.

Gambar atas: Keadaan highway Plus ke arah utara yang sesak teruk.
Gambar kiri bawah: Setelah memasuki laluan Simpang Pulai - Cameron Highlands (Kg Raja)
Gambar kanan bawah: Keadaan jalanraya yang sesak teruk di Brinchang.
Namun, manusia hanya mampu merancang.... takdir yang menentukan segalanya.. cheewaahh.. macam ayat-ayat Ombak Rindu la pulak... hehehehe.. mulanya perjalanan lancar, namun sebaik saja melepasi tol Duta.... kenderaan mula bergerak perlahan... dari 80 km/s... kemudian turun ke 60 km/s... dan terus turun lagi ke 40 km/s... dan akhirnya turun ke 0 km/s.... walaweiiiii... ini kali la.. jem teruk !!! ni baru nak dekat pukul 8.00 pagi... highway Plus arah ke utara dah jem teruk mcm ni.. huhuhuhu.. cuba imagine.. aku driver tp aku boleh browse Facebook guna hp lagi... boleh balas2 komen... boleh post status... bukan tu je.. aku boleh minum air kotak.. hahaha..

Takde yang menarik nak ceciter sepanjang perjalanan.. highway jem beb takde yang menarik bila jalan jem.. actually, perjalanan dari KL ke Cameron cuma mengambil masa dalam 3 - 4 jam je.. bergantung cara  anda driving.. kalau drive macam pelumba F1.. gerenti la cepat sampai.. tapi jangan silap, bukannya sampai kat Cameron.. tetapi, cepat sampai ke alam barzakh... huh.. seram.. takut. so, berhati-hati semasa di jalanraya.. biar lambat asal selamat.

Hanya selepas melepasi tol Simpang Pulai baru la perjalanan kembali lancar... nasib baik sepanjang jalan naik gunung tu tak jem... smooth je bawa keta naik atas.. hehehe.. and finally kami berjaya sampai ke destinasi percutian pada jam 3.00 petang... perrrghhhh... macam tak pecaya je yang kami berada dalam kereta selama 8 jam.. huhuhu.. aku update status kat Facebook.. member2 semua terkejut.. tapi ni la realiti.

MAYANGSARI RESORT.... unit apartment Mayangsari di Cameron Highlands
Untuk percutian selama 3 hari 2 malam ini, kami menetap di hotel Mayangsari... yang terletak berdekatan dengan pekan Brinchang.. hmmm... hotel Mayangsari ni lagi.. kalau ikutkan hati, memang aku tak nak stay lagi kat mana-mana cawangan hotel ni.... nak tau kenapa? cuba korang CLICK KAT SINI.. tapi disebabkan penginapan ini adalah percuma... my wife menang peraduan kat online.. hehehe.. so, apa-apa yang tak kena dalam hotel tu.. kita orang diam je la.. tak nak komplen yang serius sangat.. so far, branch Mayangsari kat A’Famosa resort juga  terbaik.. servis pun perfect.

REHAT... ni la watak utama hero remaja dalam drama ni.. berehat setelah memandu selama 8 jam.

PENAT.... family ambil berehat sementara menunggu waktu nak check in...
 anak2 turut mengambil peluang berehat sambil duduk di kerusi urut.
Menempuh perjalanan yang teruk selama 8 jam membuat semua keletihan.. seterusnya mengakibatkan semua malas nak kuar untuk cari makan malam.. kena pula dengan cuaca yang sejuk macam kat London.. hmm.. lagi la malas.. asyik nak berselimut je.. eh'eh korang ni takde rasa nak makan ke.. tak lapar ke? so, terpaksa la aku berkorban meredah kegelapan malam yang sejuk sambil ditemani ayah dan anak sulung aku, untuk keluar mencari makanan... mana2 restoran yang masih buka.. kami singgah je.. rembat je apa yang patut kat kedai tu.. yang penting dapat isi perut untuk malam ni.

Hari ke-2

Hari ni, destinasi pertama yang kami lawati ialah pekan Tanah Rata... bersarapan pagi sebelum memulakan lawatan ke tempat2 menarik yang lain di tanah tinggi ini. Di pekan ini juga kami mengambil peluang untuk shopping sourvenir.. well... kalau dah kaum hawa ber-shopping.. macam hari esok dah takde dah.. kedai tu kecik je.. boleh muat 2-3 org je kat dalam kedai.. tapi aku tgk wife aku.. ibu dan ibu mertua shopping sakan kat situ.... busy pilih2 baju + key chain.. hmmmm.. jadi terpaksa la kami sebagai kaum adam berdiri menunggu kat luar.. dah mcm tiang bendera.. hahahaha.. takpe biar kan.

SHOPPING..... mengambil peluang membeli pelbagai cenderahati semasa di Tanah Rata

BILA NAK HABIS SHOPPING NI.. yang lain busy kuar masuk kedai,
 hero remaja bersama-sama hero junior setia menanti di luar.
Selepas tu... kami memulakan pengembaraan untuk mencari ladang strawberry yang banyak kat tanah tinggi ni... jangan risau la kalau terlepas 2-3 ladang... kat depan tu maybe ada 10 ladang sedia menanti pengunjung.. hehehe.. bagaimanapun, kegembiraan kami bertukar muram... mimpi ngeri terperangkap dalam kesesakan highway selama berjam-jam rupanya belum berakhir... dan kini mimpi ngeri itu bersambung pula di sini... jalan jem teruk kat atas Cameron Highlands !!!! bermula dari Tanah Rata sehingga la ke Kampung Raja... argggghhhhh !!! Dah la jalan two way.. susah nak over take keta depan..  karang silap over take.. hospital jawabnya.. huhuhu.. so, redha je la.. follow je belakang keta depan... dia laju... kita pun laju... dia perlahan kita perlahan.

tak abis lagik drama swasta ni... to be continue..

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Bad review about Mayangsari Port Dickson

Salam semua, hari ni merupakan hari ketiga kami bercuti-cuti Malaysia ke PD.. Meaning this is the final episod of my story about PD...

Hmm.. cepatnya masa berlalu.. macam baru je semalam sampai kat PD, hari ni dah nak balik KL.. huhu.. cheewaaahh.. ni arr ayat-ayat manis yang sering keluar dari mulut para pelancong bila mereka pergi bercuti di mana-mana tempat.. betul tak? rasa macam tak nak balik rumah sendiri.. konon la.

Last day kat sini, kite org takde nak pegi mana-mana... aktiviti dipenuhi dengan tugasan mengemas beg, packing barang2, buang sampah.. bila aktiviti menarik ni dah settle semua.. kunci apartment ni kembali bertukar tangan kepada staff resort ni.. And then, tak cakap banyak.. start enjin kete.. terus drive balik KL.. Zooooommm !!

Kat entry ni, aku nak ceciter sikit pasal apartment yang kite orang stay untuk 3D2N.. kire aku nak bagi review pasal tempat ni... errr.. sila amik perhatian.. komen ni adalah komen peribadi yer.. So jangan nak mem-politik-kan my comment about this place.. (Lepas ni tak pasal-pasal aku kene balun.. huhu.)

Jika diberi peluang bercuti di PD in future.. serius beb, aku takkan pilih lagi untuk menetap di apartment ni.. sebab apa? indah khabar dari rupa !! servis teruk.. tilam cantik.. tapi bila baring.. perghhhh.. sakit belakang wooo !! spring tilam tu dah terbonjol.. Bila call person-in-charge, dia bgtau yang dia tak boleh buat apa2 untuk tukar tilam tu.. No extra bed !!  What??? Lepas tu, water heater rosak.. pintu bilik tak boleh tutup rapat + tak boleh nak kunci.. susah nak buat aktiviti berfaedah.. huhu.. aku tengok pintu bilik dah senget pintu je..

NAMPAK SELESA.... namun aku sanggup tido kat lantai daripada tido
kat katil + tilam spring terbonjol ni.. tak pecaye? cuba korang try test..

ROSAK....  hmmm.. nasib baik aku ni dah biase sangat mandi air sejuk
KOTOR.. !!! kat masterbed ada beranda, boleh la lepak pekene rokok sebatang dua sambil tgk
 pemandangan laut.. tetapi anda sanggup ke lepak dengan keadaan lantai kotor dengan daki berlumut
Bila kite org bagitau yang kite berhasrat untuk menukar apartment lain.. Once again staff tu bagitau.. Full house !! Eh'eh... Biar betol minah ni... Takkan resort yang besar camni boleh takde satu pun apartment kosong.. ggrrrrr.. !!! Okay takpe... This is the 1st and the last kami check in kat sini..

Hmm.. Just forget about it.. Bende dah berlalu.. Nak wat camne lagik kan.. hehe.. maybe, nasib kite org je tak baik masa tu.. dapat unit apartment yang teruk !! mungkin unit apartment yang cantik dan elok, orang lain dah check-in awal.. err.. first come first serve? so, sesape yang datang lambat dapat unit apartment yang teruk?? hmmm....

Perjalanan balik ke KL berjalan lancar.. sama seperti masa kami datang ke PD.. Mane tak weiii... Kite orang balik KL on Monday.. Hahahaha.. Semua orang time ni kat ofis.

Sampai kat area Pandan Indah my home sweet home lebih kurang 12pm.. Cun-cun untuk makan tengahari.. Hehe.. Langkah kaki kanan masuk rumah, kena rehat secukupnya... sebab esok kena pegi ofis.. Banyak keje amal menanti kat ofis tu.. arrghh.. kan best kalau aku seorang trillion man... boleh everyday pegi holiday kat seluruh dunia.. Tak payah nak fikir pasal keje.. huhu.. Jenin.. Jenin.. Hahahaha.. ok chowww !

Di masa hadapan nanti... jika dimurahkan rezeki dan Allah panjangkan umur.. aku akan kembali bercuti di PD bersama-sama kelurga bahagia... tapi kena cari hotel lain.. hehe.

** sorry to Mayangsari management for this bad review.. I hope the management will improve the quality of service at this resort.

The End

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