Finding the Lost Identity of Blogger

"Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, fact, habits, or goal about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.
You have to tag the person that tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you."

I've been tagged by Stella. So it's my turn to do this. Thanks Stella for the tagging.  Here are the 25 random things about me.. (^_^')

1- I am true Sabahan.
2- I was born in QEHKK - 17 Dec 1978.
3- My primary school - SRK Stella Maris, KK.
4- My first high school - SM Maktab Sabah.
5- From form 1 until 5 - I was studying in three different schools.
6- The last high school I went to study, is a private school.
7- I love music.. always !!
8- 13-years-old,  I started learning to play guitar.
9- The 1st song I can play is The Unchained Melody.
10- The first band I joined was Nameless.
11- Start create blog.. because bored with Facebook.
12- Likes to spend time in shopping malls.
13- Like the colour of Black, White and Blue.
14- I don't know how to sing. Believe me, really bad !!
15- Simple person.
16- Like to collect different types of guitar as a private collection.
17- Really dont like the pressure !!
18- Aspiring to open own business.. coming soon.
19- My hobby is to travel to interesting places.
20- He has traveled nearly 80% of cities throughout the state of Sabah and 50% of Peninsular Malaysia.
21- Before this, I had a relationship with a female Chinese and Tagalog.
22- Laura Joan is my last girlfriend before I married.
23- I am married on June 1, 2007.
24- Have two children - boy n girl.
25- I love my family... forever everlasting!!

To anyone who reads this post, you will automatically have the tag by me..

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Seven Wonders..

Everyone knows about the Seven Wonders of the World... According to Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia - Seven Wonders of the World mean  the first known list of the most remarkable creations of classical antiquity, and was based on guide-books popular among Hellenic sight-seers and only includes works located around the Mediterranean rim. The number seven was chosen because the Greeks believed it to be the representation of perfection and plenty. Many similar lists have been made.

Among The Seven Wonders of the World is The Great Pyramid of Giza, Colosseum, Great Wall of China, Hagia Sophia, Taj Mahal, Chichem Itza, Grand Canyon...

Today, I want to talk about... "Miracle in the first seven years of love relationship".. If the World had a miracle, our love relationship has its own history.. Cehhh.. sound mcm gempak je kan... hehehehe.

Starting with just a friend, seven years ago.. it turns into a love.. and thus, brought us to the gates of marriage. And of course there are many challenges in maintaining this relationship before we tied the knot. Among the most difficult challenges is ---> didn't get the blessings of the family.. why?? Because of religions issue! Yes, she was a non Muslim. Memang susah time tu.. hehehe.. but, with the magic power of love.. We managed to overcome these challenges.

During the seven years.. pelbagai cabaran susah-senang telah kami harungi bersama... and we will pertahankan cinta kami sehingga ke akhir hayat.. InsyaAllah sehingga ke syurga..

The 7 wonders with my other half...

1st time bergambar berdua... masih shy-shy cat..
Loves is in the air

Celebrating 2nd anniversary

We were engaged on Dec 2006
Declared as a husband and wife on June 2007 *clap hands*

Honeymoon year

Become Daddy and Mummy to our son Rayyan Adrian

We are complete with daughter Ryanna Adrilea

Honey... I love you still.... now and forever !!!! *kiss and hugs*

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Melaka Maju 2010....

CONGRATULATIONS to the peoples of Malacca.. !!!!! For me and all Malaysians, we are very proud of the declaration..

Malacca has been declared as a special public holiday today, to mark its declaration as a developed state. Announcement was made by the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak via video conference at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur, last night.

Interestingly, the declaration was made promptly at 8:10 pm (2010), the date of 20.10.2010. -- The numbers 20:10, 20/10/2010. So unique... isn't?
According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Melaka treated as a developed country after meeting the five key aspects including economic, social, infrastructure, environment and administration.

Various events have been and will be held in conjunction with this.. Antaranya Kayuhan Melaka Maju 2010 dan Gotong-Royong Perdana.. According to some sources, the event also aims to record the most number of cyclists who participated at one time by the Malaysia Book Of Records.. So, kepada sesiapa yang ada basikal tu.. jom la sertai acara ini.. mana la tau kan dpt jg sijil daripada Malaysia Book of Records.. hehehe.

Five important aspects that include 32 indicators that are not lower than the target set by the OECD. Among them are related to the rate of inflation, unemployment, the growth rate of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), life expectancy, mortality and crime rates.

Once again.... congratulations to the peoples of Malacca... !!!

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Date of 20.10.2010

Hello everyone... the weather in KL is sunny, how bout your area? hmm.. before this, everyone were busy talking about the date of 10.10.2010.. Many couples took this oppurtunity to create their own history on that day... Be it declaration for being a partner, engaged or getting married.. Can't denied that the date is really beautiful and unique.

Despite the fun dan excitement, there was also sadness on that day. The tragedy of horrific involving six vehicles on the Kilometer 222.9, enough to remember the families - of the victims of those involved - that date as black history.

Now, the beautiful and unique numbers  come again. This time with the numbers 20.10.2010... What is the unique in this date?  Again, couple will pick this date to declare their relationship as couple, engagement or wedding. Such things that happened on 10.10.2010 will be repeated. Only, it is hope that horrific accident will not accur again... Safety First.

For me, 20.10.2010 is nothing special.. hehehehe... next week baru ada yang special.. I Love You Tonite lagi tu... hahahahaha.

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Music is my life..

SINCE I moved to KL in 2003, sejak itu juga I rarely play the guitar. Playing music in a group is almost never... hehehe.. Want to know why? Because I do not have a guitar. Even guitar kapok pun tiada. Yes, I know.. ianya di luar jangkaan.. hahahaha.. I also don't believe..  

Hmmmm.... bestnya kalau semua ni milik aku.
Everytime we walk in the mall, if there is a shop selling musical instruments (especially guitar), I will stop for a moment to look at different types of guitar available in the shop.. dalam hati selalu angan2.. kalau la aku ada koleksi guitar mcm ni punya banyak... hehehe.

Sedang memilih pick guitar yang sesuai
Maybe, my wife noticed that I am still interested in playing guitar even though very rarely... hehehe... kalau sdh hobi mau buat mcm mana kan. Mcm juga tu org yang suka memancing... rasa gatal ja tu tangan kalau tidak pigi kolam, sungai atau laut..

One day, my wife suddenly asked me out for a walk.. hmm.. duduk di rumah pun bosan juga.. hehehe.. so, we went to Ampang Point mall.. My wife took me to the store Cash & Conventer (kedai yang menjual barangan terpakai)... and.. jeng.. jeng.. jeng.. dia suruh I pilih electrik guitar... hah.. !!!! Are you trying to mempermainkan my feelings?? well, tanpa membuang masa, I choose to buy a red guitar... Fender in red color!!! sound perfect to me.

My guitar..... :)
Although, the guitar is not a new guitar.. but, I like it so much.. I tak kisah la baru atau lama... yang penting it was bought by the women I love.. Thanks Honey, for understanding my hobby.

Playing song from the album Yngwie Malmsteen

And one more thing, keep in mind that music will never die... Music telah menyatukan kita semua.. tanpa mengira bangsa, agama mahupun warganegara.. Muzik juga seperti perjalanan hidup kita... penuh dengan rentak.. Terpulang kepada diri kita sendiri untuk mencorak rentak yang kita mahu.. agar dapat diterima oleh disekeliling kita semua.

For that, I dedicated a song to you all... enjoy !!!!


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Adakah Anda Berbakat Dalam Muzik...

Hmmm... "Adakah anda berbakat dalam muzik"... adakah saya berbakat dalam muzik.. well, frankly.. I really have talent in playing music... I can compose classical song become rock song.. !!! cewahhhh... berlagak !! hahahaha.

My wife has suggested me to join this competition "Kawanku Bintang Coca Cola".. However, I feel malas to register.. hehehe.. maybe, if 10 years ago, I will definitely participate in this competition.

Sorry Honey... now for me, playing music is more to hobby or I prefer to record my video playing lead guitar just for my personal collection.. and not to participate in any competition.

Classic songs that I compose to the rock version .. However, I forgot the title of this song .. hehehe.

To anyone who is interested in participating in this contest, attractive prizes await for as follows: 
  • First prize: RM15,000 cash and experience the most GEMPAK music anywhere in around the world,
  • Second prize: RM10,000 cash,
    ** Holidays to any concerts Universal Music artists in the world. The winner will have the opportunity to join an exclusive visit to the studio Universal Music. 
  • Third Prize: RM5,000 cash,
  • Consolation Prize x 5: Gift of the Coca-Cola exclusive.
Homegrown Space,
Tingkat 3, Wisma Bentley (Di hadapan Tesco)
Mutiara Damansara
22 - 24 Oktober 2010
10 pg - 7 mlm

Prangin Mall,
Tingkat Bawah Atrium A,
Pulau Pinang
16 Oktober 2010
10 pg - 7 mlm

Danga City Mall,
Tingkat Bawah Concourse G2,
Johor Bahru
23 Oktober 2010
10 pg - 7 mlm

And, good luck to you... !!!  kalau menang jangan lupa belanja saya makan Pizza Hut...

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Genting Highland.. Kota Keriangan

FORGET about workload in the office or personal problems that hit you.. come join me, let's have fun in Genting Highland "Kota Keriangan"...

Located 51km northeast of Kuala Lumpur, The entertainment city is located at the top of Genting Highlands, a cool and windy, offers non-stop fun and excitement. One of the main attractions in Genting is the cool weather. Because of the 2,000m above sea level, Malaysians like to come here just to enjoy the balmy weather seemed to be in Europe..!!

Cable car.... so scary !!!

You enjoy gambling??? Casino is the answer!!!! Many gamblers like to come here until they are willing to borrow money from loan sharks aka Along.. Consequently, self and family who suffer debt. So, moral of the story "do not borrow money from loan sharks". If you want to gamble, use your own money.. uiseh.. hehehe..

There are two types of theme parks here - Indoor and Outdoor.

Indoor Theme Park

There is a big indoor theme park at the First World Hotel which includes many games and rides, plus shopping, food etc. This is a very colorful and lively place which you will not miss when you are at Genting Highlands.

Some of the good indoor theme park rides & activities are such as Venice boat ride, Bumper cars, Indoor Ferris wheel, Indoor roller coaster, Ripley's Believe-it-or-not, Flying boat ride, Arcade (There is an arcade section for those who are into exciting arcade games)

Outdoor Theme Park

This is the very 'enjoy' place.. Got a lot of games here such as Go-Kart, Roller Coaster, Pirate Ship, Fyling Coaster... and banyak lagi la.. I will not talk about it here, you have come here to experience by yourself the "power" of this theme park.. hehehe.

Other attractions are Genting Sky Venture, the only tool that provides convenience "payung terjun" experience in Asia and the Genting X-pedition Wall, an international climbing wall 15 meters high cliffs hang over 6 meters.

The price for both the indoor and outdoor theme park rides (unlimited no. of rides) are RM49 ringgit for adult and RM33 ringgit for children (for unlimited number of all the rides and games).

How to get there

For a fast, convenient and economical journey to Genting, travellers can use the Genting Express Bus Service, available from Puduraya Bus Terminal, Pasarakyat, KL Sentral Station and Terminal Putra LRT Gombak, One Utama Petaling Jaya, and Kajang. It is advisable to buy the bus ticket + Skyway Cable Car package, so you don't need to queue so many time. Otherwise, you can drive your own car direct to the resort.

I think I have been talking a lot about this place... so, why not you come here with your friends or familys... And let's have fun together !!

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Bukit Tinggi Resort, Pahang

FROM a vacation full of adventure, like a holiday in the woods until the exciting cities.. let's talk about a holiday surrounded by forests and mountains. If you want a private vacation.. without interference from the noise.. Berjaya Bukit Tinggi Resort aka Colmar Tropicale Resort, Pahang is the best choice.

When you're here, you will feel as you are in French. Well, it's a French-themes resort town, a replica of the original 18th century Colmar village at Alsace, France. The admission fee is charged at  RM16 for adults and RM8 for children aged below 12 years. Senior citizens are exempted from the admission charge.. kalau anda rasa anda warga emas... masuk dengan selamber je.. hehehe.

With air fresh and cool, of course give you comfort to soothe the mind. Journey from Karak Highway, Bukit Tinggi is just over an hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur City Centre and lies some 2,700 feet above sea level and amidst 80 acres of rainforests.

Japanese Village will be higher up at 3,500 feet above sea level is the Zen-inspired Japanese Village, where you can stroll along the landscaped Japanese Garden. The first of its kind outside Japan. It encompasses a Japanese Tea House, Sakura and Ume Tatami Suites.. hahaha.

Don't worry, transport services from Colmar Tropical are also available for those interested in visiting the Japanese Village.. lori drg modify jadi macam bas.. okay la kan.. yang penting dapat naik sampai atas tu puncak.

If you drive your own car, it is not advisable to drive to the Japanese Village, unless your car is really in good condition! Believe me, I already tried it and it was really scary when you are in my shoes.. well, maybe Wira tak boleh naik bukit tinggi2... hehehe..

Other than Colmar Tropicale and Japanese Village, other attraction will be horse riding, golf course, Rabbit Park (found it boring though) and Deer Sanctuary.

But guys.. seriously travel to this place is expensive. All the food sold here is expensive. 

After I went on holiday to this place, I only knew.. Why I will not come back to this place. To me, this place is not that interesting specially when you go there during weekdays.. Such a dull place except the landscape and architechure of the buildings. This is just my opinion okay..

How about you? how do you thing about this place... okay.. Don't say anything right now.. give me your opinion when you get there.. cheerss.. !!

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Bandar Hilir, Malacca

The famous amos A'Famosa

TODAY, let's talk about the state of Malacca. The historical city...

For those who wish to travel to Peninsular Malaysia, especially to Sabahan and Sarawakian.. The trip to Peninsular is incomplete without visiting Malacca. The journey from Kuala Lumpur to the city takes about 2 hours or more than that.. it's depend on your driving skills.. Hahahaa... but, safety first la... jangan pandu laju... nanti kena saman speed trap.. RM300 melayang ooo... so, kekalkan kelajuan anda 110km/h..

If you don't have your own vehicle atau malas mau sewa kereta.. Do not worry, many express bus companies that provide transportation services to the state. Pilih ja syarikat bas mana yang kamu mahu.. hanya dengan kadar tambang RM8.00 sehala.. ye ke RM8.00?? maybe la.. hehehe.

From Puduraya Terminal KL the bus will stop at Melaka Sentral Terminal.. from here you can hire a taxi or city bus to continue to the Bandar Hilir where most of the attraction places located. Normally, this is the first stop for the tourist to explore Malacca.  Dont be suprise if you see all the buildings in Malacca is old-school... That why we call "Malacca The Historic City".

There are few good choices to tour around Bandar Hilir Malacca. For young and fit people, walking around in Melaka town or Bandar Hilir will be the best choice to view the this historic city. At the same time, you can capture your favorite shots of various angles or poses at your  leisure. To get a good map, go to tourist information counter. An up-to-date Melaka map is available at RM5.

Heading up to the St Paul Church... you can view Selat Melaka sea from up there.

However, for those folks who are prefer not to use too much of leg muscles or perhaps physically challenged, there are other alternatives to get around and seeing Malacca as well.  Flowers decorated trishaws or some called it "Beca" in Malay are available.. if not mistaken, it costs around RM40 per hour.. okay la kan.. penat tu driver mengayuh tu beca bawa kamu pusing2 bandar.

Or..... you can take the Mamee Double Decker's bus.. advantage of taking these buses is you may get down at places of your interest and hop on the next bus to continue touring. To catch these buses, wait at Renaissance Hotel or Orkid Hotel along Jalan Bendahara in New Chinatown. 

Mamee Double Decker... on the right is the Muzium Samudera.
 Around Bandar Hilir.. there are lot of historical museums such as Muzium Samudera, Muzium Kesultanan Melaka and many more.. hmm... I pun belum explore lagi muzium tu semua.. hehehehe.... maybe next time la.

And as usual, to enter most of the places, enterance fee paid by you of coz.. don't worry, it's not expensive la.. less than RM5 per person.

What you can find at Bandar Hilir, Malacca:

- A'Famosa (must go to this place)
- St Paul Hill @ our lady of the hill
- Dataran Pahlawan
- Muzium Istana Kesultanan Melaka
- Jonker Street (Baba & Nyonya)
- Little India
- Stadhuys Building
- River cruise
Stay tune for more story about Malacca in the next entry..... chooowww.. !!

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Blogwalking Award

Blogwalking Award...?? what is this..?? can somebody tell me... 1st time bah ni..  jawab ja la tu soalan... *blur*


1) Apakah yang bermain di minda anda sekarang?

Ready nak pegi rmh member d Setapak... anak dia birthday..

2) Apakah nama samaran anda?

Asai... !! nama femes sejak zaman sekolah rendah..

3) Siapakah 3 orang paling kamu sayang?

My beloved Wife.. kids and families.... my friend as well... alamak terlebih sudah..

4) Panggilan untuk si dia.

Always will be "Honey" and “Sayang” … ngeh ngeh…

5) Hadiah yang diimpikan daripada seseorang yang istimewa.

Sepa la lg yg istimewa selain my Wife?? Hahahaah… harap2 dapat hadiah gajet gitar..

6) Blog mana yang anda selalu lawat?

My bloglist!!

7) Tagkan kepada 15 blogger.
aiseh... !!! follower pun baru 5 org... next time la k..

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