Genting Highland.. Kota Keriangan

FORGET about workload in the office or personal problems that hit you.. come join me, let's have fun in Genting Highland "Kota Keriangan"...

Located 51km northeast of Kuala Lumpur, The entertainment city is located at the top of Genting Highlands, a cool and windy, offers non-stop fun and excitement. One of the main attractions in Genting is the cool weather. Because of the 2,000m above sea level, Malaysians like to come here just to enjoy the balmy weather seemed to be in Europe..!!

Cable car.... so scary !!!

You enjoy gambling??? Casino is the answer!!!! Many gamblers like to come here until they are willing to borrow money from loan sharks aka Along.. Consequently, self and family who suffer debt. So, moral of the story "do not borrow money from loan sharks". If you want to gamble, use your own money.. uiseh.. hehehe..

There are two types of theme parks here - Indoor and Outdoor.

Indoor Theme Park

There is a big indoor theme park at the First World Hotel which includes many games and rides, plus shopping, food etc. This is a very colorful and lively place which you will not miss when you are at Genting Highlands.

Some of the good indoor theme park rides & activities are such as Venice boat ride, Bumper cars, Indoor Ferris wheel, Indoor roller coaster, Ripley's Believe-it-or-not, Flying boat ride, Arcade (There is an arcade section for those who are into exciting arcade games)

Outdoor Theme Park

This is the very 'enjoy' place.. Got a lot of games here such as Go-Kart, Roller Coaster, Pirate Ship, Fyling Coaster... and banyak lagi la.. I will not talk about it here, you have come here to experience by yourself the "power" of this theme park.. hehehe.

Other attractions are Genting Sky Venture, the only tool that provides convenience "payung terjun" experience in Asia and the Genting X-pedition Wall, an international climbing wall 15 meters high cliffs hang over 6 meters.

The price for both the indoor and outdoor theme park rides (unlimited no. of rides) are RM49 ringgit for adult and RM33 ringgit for children (for unlimited number of all the rides and games).

How to get there

For a fast, convenient and economical journey to Genting, travellers can use the Genting Express Bus Service, available from Puduraya Bus Terminal, Pasarakyat, KL Sentral Station and Terminal Putra LRT Gombak, One Utama Petaling Jaya, and Kajang. It is advisable to buy the bus ticket + Skyway Cable Car package, so you don't need to queue so many time. Otherwise, you can drive your own car direct to the resort.

I think I have been talking a lot about this place... so, why not you come here with your friends or familys... And let's have fun together !!

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Wyne Ren @ Mauve Ocean Blue said...

COOL!! (...sebut stail urang putih kaka ni...ekeke)

Just said...

Jom bw Lily pigi sini.. :D

- zuriey - said...

bestnya tgok.teringat masa g sana dulu..bila nak g lagi ni

StellaClaire-Richard said...

been there last year..tapi tdk dpt pigi main outdoor games sbb hujan..uhuhuu..:(
will be there again next time.. :)

Asai said...

Wyne ~ GEMPAK... !!! (versi bahasa malaysia)

Just ~ jom kita buat plan.... last kita g sana last year with Ryan.

Zuriey ~ tempat tu mmg best..!! pergi la bercuti.. and have fun. :)

Stella ~ kesian... tepa ba.. tdk lari jg tu genting.. bila2 buli pigi.. hehehe.

- zuriey - said...

out of topic..tak sangka kita sebaya..tapi siapa eh yang kuar dulu..hehhe

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