Bandar Hilir, Malacca

The famous amos A'Famosa

TODAY, let's talk about the state of Malacca. The historical city...

For those who wish to travel to Peninsular Malaysia, especially to Sabahan and Sarawakian.. The trip to Peninsular is incomplete without visiting Malacca. The journey from Kuala Lumpur to the city takes about 2 hours or more than that.. it's depend on your driving skills.. Hahahaa... but, safety first la... jangan pandu laju... nanti kena saman speed trap.. RM300 melayang ooo... so, kekalkan kelajuan anda 110km/h..

If you don't have your own vehicle atau malas mau sewa kereta.. Do not worry, many express bus companies that provide transportation services to the state. Pilih ja syarikat bas mana yang kamu mahu.. hanya dengan kadar tambang RM8.00 sehala.. ye ke RM8.00?? maybe la.. hehehe.

From Puduraya Terminal KL the bus will stop at Melaka Sentral Terminal.. from here you can hire a taxi or city bus to continue to the Bandar Hilir where most of the attraction places located. Normally, this is the first stop for the tourist to explore Malacca.  Dont be suprise if you see all the buildings in Malacca is old-school... That why we call "Malacca The Historic City".

There are few good choices to tour around Bandar Hilir Malacca. For young and fit people, walking around in Melaka town or Bandar Hilir will be the best choice to view the this historic city. At the same time, you can capture your favorite shots of various angles or poses at your  leisure. To get a good map, go to tourist information counter. An up-to-date Melaka map is available at RM5.

Heading up to the St Paul Church... you can view Selat Melaka sea from up there.

However, for those folks who are prefer not to use too much of leg muscles or perhaps physically challenged, there are other alternatives to get around and seeing Malacca as well.  Flowers decorated trishaws or some called it "Beca" in Malay are available.. if not mistaken, it costs around RM40 per hour.. okay la kan.. penat tu driver mengayuh tu beca bawa kamu pusing2 bandar.

Or..... you can take the Mamee Double Decker's bus.. advantage of taking these buses is you may get down at places of your interest and hop on the next bus to continue touring. To catch these buses, wait at Renaissance Hotel or Orkid Hotel along Jalan Bendahara in New Chinatown. 

Mamee Double Decker... on the right is the Muzium Samudera.
 Around Bandar Hilir.. there are lot of historical museums such as Muzium Samudera, Muzium Kesultanan Melaka and many more.. hmm... I pun belum explore lagi muzium tu semua.. hehehehe.... maybe next time la.

And as usual, to enter most of the places, enterance fee paid by you of coz.. don't worry, it's not expensive la.. less than RM5 per person.

What you can find at Bandar Hilir, Malacca:

- A'Famosa (must go to this place)
- St Paul Hill @ our lady of the hill
- Dataran Pahlawan
- Muzium Istana Kesultanan Melaka
- Jonker Street (Baba & Nyonya)
- Little India
- Stadhuys Building
- River cruise
Stay tune for more story about Malacca in the next entry..... chooowww.. !!

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- zuriey - said...

best tak g melaka..welcome again

Asai said...

mmg best!! even dah pernah pergi.. tp rasa nak datang balik kat Melaka. tmpt yg dah pernah bergambar pun nak bergambar balik.. hehehe..

Wyne Ren @ Mauve Ocean Blue said...

Ko nie Asai...bersemangat aku membawa lakiku pulang d Melaka terus...uhuhuh!

Aikk..bertapuk terus laki sa...!@!#!$%&X!

Asai said...

Wyne Ren ~ hubby ko jadi urang Sabah sdh tu... dia lupa sdh jalan balik rmh dia d Melaka... lols.

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