Adakah Anda Berbakat Dalam Muzik...

Hmmm... "Adakah anda berbakat dalam muzik"... adakah saya berbakat dalam muzik.. well, frankly.. I really have talent in playing music... I can compose classical song become rock song.. !!! cewahhhh... berlagak !! hahahaha.

My wife has suggested me to join this competition "Kawanku Bintang Coca Cola".. However, I feel malas to register.. hehehe.. maybe, if 10 years ago, I will definitely participate in this competition.

Sorry Honey... now for me, playing music is more to hobby or I prefer to record my video playing lead guitar just for my personal collection.. and not to participate in any competition.

Classic songs that I compose to the rock version .. However, I forgot the title of this song .. hehehe.

To anyone who is interested in participating in this contest, attractive prizes await for as follows: 
  • First prize: RM15,000 cash and experience the most GEMPAK music anywhere in around the world,
  • Second prize: RM10,000 cash,
    ** Holidays to any concerts Universal Music artists in the world. The winner will have the opportunity to join an exclusive visit to the studio Universal Music. 
  • Third Prize: RM5,000 cash,
  • Consolation Prize x 5: Gift of the Coca-Cola exclusive.
Homegrown Space,
Tingkat 3, Wisma Bentley (Di hadapan Tesco)
Mutiara Damansara
22 - 24 Oktober 2010
10 pg - 7 mlm

Prangin Mall,
Tingkat Bawah Atrium A,
Pulau Pinang
16 Oktober 2010
10 pg - 7 mlm

Danga City Mall,
Tingkat Bawah Concourse G2,
Johor Bahru
23 Oktober 2010
10 pg - 7 mlm

And, good luck to you... !!!  kalau menang jangan lupa belanja saya makan Pizza Hut...

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Just said...

Alaa... ada ka.. baik2 sdh kena support..

StellaClaire-Richard said...

wow..join la bah..darling ko suda suruh tu..haha..
my hubby also musician back in when he was a teen boy.. Guitarist ba dia dulu..skrg masi juga tp now dia more on photographing pula tu.. hehe

wow, lumayan juga prize dia ni..kalau menang blh p mansau ansau tu..haha

Wyne Ren @ Mauve Ocean Blue said...

Malas mau register??!!...yaaa ampunn...suru saja sis sa yg buat...ko tinggal kasi show off bakat saja bah...

Sa sukung ko...

Asai said...

kalau bab "SHOW OFF" tu mmg aku suka... muahahahaha... but, bawa bertenang para peminat2 sekalian.. harap bersabar.. Weekend ni jadual penuh ba..

Richard C. M said...

Bro. u got talent la. blh jamming ni heheh

Asai said...

Richard ~ ada yg lebih talented lagi ba.. hehehe.. ba, ada masa kita jamming aaa.. :)

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