The Amazing Race Shopper.... Chaktuchak

Forget about MBK or Paragon.... now, jom ikut saya ke last BTS station Mo Chit.... apa ada di sana?? Let see together.

Heaven..... !!!!!!!!!!!! Chaktuchak.. syurga membeli belah untuk mereka yang gemar shopping... kat sini ada pelbagai barangan yg dijual (kasut, klip rambut, pakaian)... nak cakap murah... tak juga... dan nak cakap mahal pun tidak juga.. harga yang ditawarkan memang berbaloi... tp anda perlu bijak memilih gerai.. sebab ada yang jual mahal dan ada juga yg jual murah... Bila dah sampai sini, jangan terus beli... kita round dulu kawasan nie... target mana2 benda yang kite nak beli.. and then, compare harga dgn gerai2 yang lain... baru la dinamakan pembeli bijak.. cheaawahh.. *smile*

Bundle shoes....
Untuk sampai ke sini, anda perlu menaiki BTS SkyTrain Sukhumvit Line... and get-off at the last station Mo Chit... jika anda sedang atau berada di dalam SkyTrain Silom line... anda perlu menukar (transit) di station Siam.. tak ingat platform mana satu (landasan dua tingkat)... so, be careful yer... takut nanti ternaik pula tren ke tempat lain.. hehehe.. khidmat bas dan teksi pun ada juga.... tp better naik SkyTrain... mudah, selamat, selesa dan cepat.

HERO dalam cerita ni... ngeh.. ngeh.. ngeh
For first-timer, ‘conquering’ Chatuchak may seem like an impossible task, but dont worry about it.. There is a system to help you navigate your way through Chatuchak. Inside, one main walkway encircles the entire market, and it branches off into a series of numbered alleyways called Soi 1, Soi 2, Soi 3, and so on.

Another way to find your way around Chatuchak is to find points of reference as you go along. The BTS and MRT stations as well as banks and numbered entrance gates are good points of references, as you will come across them as you turn corners. Then again, use the map to locate these references to find your correct orientation.

So, sampai sini jangan risau la... confirm tak sesat punya... tp bila time shopping tu.. ingat... pegang la atau awasi la anak2 anda dengan selamat... kalau hilang atau terpisah.. susah nak cari weeiii... tempat tu dah la besar.
Ada pelancong Malaysia yang sya jumpa berkata,
Kat tepi clock tower tu ada gerai makanan halal..

COLOURFUL.... baju untuk budak2..

Before you go to Chatuchak.. Perhaps, you will end up spending at least half a day here so it is a good idea to prepare few things to ensure that your shopping experience at Chatuchak is an enjoyable one.
  • Wear light and comfortable clothing, e.g. shorts and a t-shirt/tank-top
  • Wear comfortable shoes, e.g. a pair of sneakers or sandals 
  • Protect yourself against the sun, by wearing sunglasses, a hat and use sunscreen
  • Bring a backpack for storing your new-found treasures. It is recommended that you wear your backpack on the front rather than on your back
  • Always have bottled drinking water handy 
  • Bring enough cash. Most vendors do not accept credit cards, and it can be a long walk to the next ATM
  • Beware of pickpockets and watch your belongings 
  • Plan to go in the morning, as it can get very hot and crowded in the afternoon
  • Free maps are available from one of the information kiosks.
** The weekend market is open on Saturdays and Sundays, 09:00 - 18:00, and Fridays 18:00 - 24:00.

** Plant sections are also open on Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 07:00 - 18:00.

Till then.... happy shopping...... see you there.

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The Amazing Race Shopper....

Yes.... we are still in the race.. but, not the Amazing Race of Bangkok... now, we race to spend money.. race for the goods we wanted.. race to get all the goodies from  the country that is famous with elephants.

Today, lets story about my experience explore the city of Bangkok.. interesting places to be visited.. Err.  only for shopping, coz I tak pegi melawat tempat2 such like museum.. etc.

What I see here in Bangkok... The Siam Paragon mall is the most popular  shopping complex.. but shopping  there is certainly expensive.. klu kat Malaysia, tempat ni boleh dikatakan kembar Pavilion kat BB tue.. I didn't shop here.. mahal beb.. but I shop at the other shopping complex called MBK.. just next to the  Siam Paragon.

** All visitors who wish to enter into any shopping mall have to go through a special door.. The main reason is, the security forces can detect any dangerous objects such as bomb blast.. When the scanner sounds, security personnel will ask you to open the bag you carry...  just like security screening at the airports. 
FRIENDS..... with my officemate...
Yang kat belakang tu datin-datin nak g shopping kat MBK.

SIMPLE SHOPPING COMPLEX.... Tokyu n MBK is under one roof.
EXPENSIVE PLACE... tak byk ambik gambr kat sini.
In MBK, there are many choices, each floor sells different goods (clothing, mobile phones, gadgets, Thai Silk).. and food court located on level 5 and 6. For Muslim, there are many halal food choices at MBK compare to Paragon. I recommended one of the restaurants I visited during my stay in Bangkok is Yana Restaurant. It served local and international halal foods.. Jangan risau bila makan kat restoran ni... dah la restoran halal, staff restoran tu pandai pulak cakap bahasa Malaysia loghat Kelate.. Others choice, anda boleh memilih makanan Arabic. I mmg tak layan kalau makan makanan Arab ni.. perut tak terima.. Beside, I bukan penggemar kebab.. hehehe.

Actually, it is difficult to find halal foods in Bangkok.. even McDonald ada jual pork burger.. arrghh !! hilang selera nak belasah McChicken.. terbayangkan minyak yangg mereka goreng bercampur dengan McPork Samurai Burger..
Sementara menunggu makanan sampai...
jom kita bergambar kenangan

Local and international foods...
I choosed tea ais dgn nasi goreng kampung
On public transportation. Taxi will not be a problem here. Just lift your hand, 5 to 6 taxis will be waiting in front of you.. or you can choose to take "tuk tuk" three-wheeled motor taxi. If you are racing against time, you can try the motorcycle taxi. (pillion does not need to wear helmets.. kalau jatuh penunggang selamat tp pembonceng 100% cedera)..  If you do not like the traffic congestion, you can take the BTS Skytrain.. easy, fast and comfortable... kat Bangkok ni, semua public transport ada... taxi water pun ada jg... sbb tu kat tepi2 sungai Bangkok ni ada byk jeti penumpang.

Tuk Tuk, Taxi and motorcyle taxi is available 24 hours.

BTS Skytrain:
- Service Hour 6.00am to 12:00 Midnite.

- Track bunk (so, do not mistake flatform.. or later you go to elsewhere)
- Flow Wongwian Yai to National Stadium
- Flow Mo Chit to On Nut
** To go to the MBK shopping center, you can stop at the National Stadium station... And to Siam Paragon, get off at Siam station (different one station only).
THE PUBLIC TRANSPORT.... pilih yang mana anda suka.

To be continue... more story about 'amazing race shopper'.. stay tune !!

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The Amazing Race of Bangkok

Hello guys, please do not be surprised or confused? What you read is true... The Amazing Race of Bangkok! I have joined the race in Bangkok on 16th Sept 2011. Not the Amazing Race Asia....  But, KWP Amazing Race!
WARMING UP.... before the race... kita kasi panas2 badan dulu bha..

Pelbagai cara dilakukan untuk
mendapatkan maklumat mengenai clue yang kami cari.
About this race --> Got 5 teams in this race.. There are 17 pit stops (each has a different assignment). The participants must complete 10 tasks before 12.30 pm. If unsuccessful, the committee will call the team and ask them to move directly to the pit stop number #10.. So, kena tolak markah le jawabnye..

Among the most difficult challenges in this race is that each team don't know nothing about the intricacies of Bangkok. However, it is not an obstacle to all participants to race to the finish line.. CHAYOKKK!!

My team is called Sabai-Sabai (in Thai) which means The Great.. well, in a race like this, teamwork is needed.. be understanding.. helping each other.. because this is the recipe to achieve success ... * Smile *
JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE.. Menuju ke pit stop yang ke-10
I tell you what.. try to imagine you are in a foreign place and local residents don't know to speak English.. perrghhh... pening kepala beb!!  To find a hint or the next clue, we have to walk/run along the buildings back lanes (I will not forget this part).. walk from one area to another area.. kuar masuk hotel.. sbb di sana saja yg ada information kaunter... dan sudah tentu mereka tahu berbahasa english.. bijak.. bijak..
MY TEAM..... (from left) Boon Hoo, Nadia, Stella and Asai

Perlumbaan yang bermula kira-kira jam 9.30 pagi.... berakhir pada jam 6.30 pm... pada awal perlumbaan... pasukan kami telah mendahului pasukan lain... and then,  kami tersilap membaca clue atau urang putih cakap missunderstanding... besa la kan.. kalau sdh bingung2.. sesat2 lagi.. mesti la ada yg silap.. Tugasan yang hanya mengambil masa selama 15 minit, kami selesaikan dalam masa 45 minit.. perrghhh!!! punya la sakit hati time tu.. but, never mind.. the race is not end yet... kita masih boleh kejar yg lain.. chayokk..

You want to know who the winner?? See the pictures below ... and you tell me who the winner of this race.

ONE-PLUS-ONE... antara tugasan yang memerlukan setiap pasukan
mengambil gmbr dgn pasukan lain di Paragon Mall
YES, WE MADE IT... berjaya sampai ke pit stop ke 17.
GIVE ME UR OPINION.. sesi soal jawab antara peserta
dengan pihak jawatankuasa penganjur, selepas perlumbaan tamat.
WE ARE THE CHAMPION.... Congrat to Sabai-Sabai....
me with my officemate... Stella from Likas, Sabah.
ALL THE WINNERS.... Champion, 2nd place and 3rd place..
I will never forget my experience in Bangkok.. explore the city just by looking at a map of Bangkok.. a variety of emotions that arise (blur, scared, confused, worried) but the most important is.. we managed to finish the race as a champion!! Congrat to team Sabai Sabai... you all are the best !!

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Travel to Bangkok, Thailand

Hello everyone, been a long time I did not update my blog .. busy routine work in the office.. besa la kan kalau jawatan kuli-kuli ni.. hehehe.

okay... let's talk about my travel to Bangkok, Thailand.

DAY #1

I got myself ready to the airport as early as 4.30 o'clock in the morning (Flight departing at 8:25 am). Sepatutnya, kena jumpa pukul 5.00 pagi kat bangunan ofis... arrghhh.. sudah lambat !!! so, drive 100km/sejam ke ofis.. Thanks to the committee for providing bus service to the airport. So, I just have to drive my car and park the car at the office building next to my office building for 4 days!

Immigration (to exit Malaysia) went smooth.. and precisely at 8:25 am, we fly to Bangkok. There is nothing interesting on board. So, continue to sleep ... zzzz ..

Atas pesawat nanti... pramugari yg comel2 tu akan beri anda "surat cinta"
surat daripada imigeresen Thailand... kena isi borang visa..

Our airplane landed at Bangkok's International Airport safely exactly at 9.30am local time (10.30am Malaysia time ).... and immigrations here is very tight/strict. Each traveler must show their return flight tickets and the officer will take photographs of each traveler.. don't know why... malas mau tanya.. nanti panjang pula cerita.. hehehe.. 

Sebuah bas persiaran telah siap sedia menunggu ketibaan kami di luar airport... perrghhh... betul2 mcm pelancong... muahahaha... errr... actually, kami memang pelancong pun kan.. ngeh.. ngeh.. ngeh..

ni la muka exited selepas mendarat....
tengok semua tulisan Thai.. pening !!
Travel from the airport to Bangkok takes about an hour. Along the way there is nothing interesting, except when the bus began to enter the city... There are many tall buildings.. Seriously, the difference between Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur is too big... Bangkok more developed than Kuala Lumpur.

Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Tower Bangkok... located at 2 Charoen Krung Road Soi 30, New Road, Siphya... hotel ini la yang menjadi tempat tinggal saya selama empat hari saya berada di Bangkok... Hotel bertaraf 5 bintang.. hmmm... hotel ni boleh tahan.. Pemandangan dari bilik memang cantik.. but, the price to stay at this hotel is expensive.. Fortunately, the cost of expenses during my vacation to Bangkok is borne by the company.. And of course, the cost of personal expenses were incurred by myself.. Takkan la duit poket pun compeni bagi kan... hehehe.. agak-agak la bro..

KING of THE RIVER.. Air sungai ni mmg deras n luas....
kapal cruise yg besar tu pun boleh limpas sini.
"What is your room number sir?... errr... 2427"
Bilik besar mcm nie.... aku sorang je yg tinggal.... best.. best..
View from my room..... luas mata memandang !!

To be continue... more story about my travel to Bangkok!

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