The Amazing Race Shopper....

Yes.... we are still in the race.. but, not the Amazing Race of Bangkok... now, we race to spend money.. race for the goods we wanted.. race to get all the goodies from  the country that is famous with elephants.

Today, lets story about my experience explore the city of Bangkok.. interesting places to be visited.. Err.  only for shopping, coz I tak pegi melawat tempat2 such like museum.. etc.

What I see here in Bangkok... The Siam Paragon mall is the most popular  shopping complex.. but shopping  there is certainly expensive.. klu kat Malaysia, tempat ni boleh dikatakan kembar Pavilion kat BB tue.. I didn't shop here.. mahal beb.. but I shop at the other shopping complex called MBK.. just next to the  Siam Paragon.

** All visitors who wish to enter into any shopping mall have to go through a special door.. The main reason is, the security forces can detect any dangerous objects such as bomb blast.. When the scanner sounds, security personnel will ask you to open the bag you carry...  just like security screening at the airports. 
FRIENDS..... with my officemate...
Yang kat belakang tu datin-datin nak g shopping kat MBK.

SIMPLE SHOPPING COMPLEX.... Tokyu n MBK is under one roof.
EXPENSIVE PLACE... tak byk ambik gambr kat sini.
In MBK, there are many choices, each floor sells different goods (clothing, mobile phones, gadgets, Thai Silk).. and food court located on level 5 and 6. For Muslim, there are many halal food choices at MBK compare to Paragon. I recommended one of the restaurants I visited during my stay in Bangkok is Yana Restaurant. It served local and international halal foods.. Jangan risau bila makan kat restoran ni... dah la restoran halal, staff restoran tu pandai pulak cakap bahasa Malaysia loghat Kelate.. Others choice, anda boleh memilih makanan Arabic. I mmg tak layan kalau makan makanan Arab ni.. perut tak terima.. Beside, I bukan penggemar kebab.. hehehe.

Actually, it is difficult to find halal foods in Bangkok.. even McDonald ada jual pork burger.. arrghh !! hilang selera nak belasah McChicken.. terbayangkan minyak yangg mereka goreng bercampur dengan McPork Samurai Burger..
Sementara menunggu makanan sampai...
jom kita bergambar kenangan

Local and international foods...
I choosed tea ais dgn nasi goreng kampung
On public transportation. Taxi will not be a problem here. Just lift your hand, 5 to 6 taxis will be waiting in front of you.. or you can choose to take "tuk tuk" three-wheeled motor taxi. If you are racing against time, you can try the motorcycle taxi. (pillion does not need to wear helmets.. kalau jatuh penunggang selamat tp pembonceng 100% cedera)..  If you do not like the traffic congestion, you can take the BTS Skytrain.. easy, fast and comfortable... kat Bangkok ni, semua public transport ada... taxi water pun ada jg... sbb tu kat tepi2 sungai Bangkok ni ada byk jeti penumpang.

Tuk Tuk, Taxi and motorcyle taxi is available 24 hours.

BTS Skytrain:
- Service Hour 6.00am to 12:00 Midnite.

- Track bunk (so, do not mistake flatform.. or later you go to elsewhere)
- Flow Wongwian Yai to National Stadium
- Flow Mo Chit to On Nut
** To go to the MBK shopping center, you can stop at the National Stadium station... And to Siam Paragon, get off at Siam station (different one station only).
THE PUBLIC TRANSPORT.... pilih yang mana anda suka.

To be continue... more story about 'amazing race shopper'.. stay tune !!

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