The Amazing Race of Bangkok

Hello guys, please do not be surprised or confused? What you read is true... The Amazing Race of Bangkok! I have joined the race in Bangkok on 16th Sept 2011. Not the Amazing Race Asia....  But, KWP Amazing Race!
WARMING UP.... before the race... kita kasi panas2 badan dulu bha..

Pelbagai cara dilakukan untuk
mendapatkan maklumat mengenai clue yang kami cari.
About this race --> Got 5 teams in this race.. There are 17 pit stops (each has a different assignment). The participants must complete 10 tasks before 12.30 pm. If unsuccessful, the committee will call the team and ask them to move directly to the pit stop number #10.. So, kena tolak markah le jawabnye..

Among the most difficult challenges in this race is that each team don't know nothing about the intricacies of Bangkok. However, it is not an obstacle to all participants to race to the finish line.. CHAYOKKK!!

My team is called Sabai-Sabai (in Thai) which means The Great.. well, in a race like this, teamwork is needed.. be understanding.. helping each other.. because this is the recipe to achieve success ... * Smile *
JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE.. Menuju ke pit stop yang ke-10
I tell you what.. try to imagine you are in a foreign place and local residents don't know to speak English.. perrghhh... pening kepala beb!!  To find a hint or the next clue, we have to walk/run along the buildings back lanes (I will not forget this part).. walk from one area to another area.. kuar masuk hotel.. sbb di sana saja yg ada information kaunter... dan sudah tentu mereka tahu berbahasa english.. bijak.. bijak..
MY TEAM..... (from left) Boon Hoo, Nadia, Stella and Asai

Perlumbaan yang bermula kira-kira jam 9.30 pagi.... berakhir pada jam 6.30 pm... pada awal perlumbaan... pasukan kami telah mendahului pasukan lain... and then,  kami tersilap membaca clue atau urang putih cakap missunderstanding... besa la kan.. kalau sdh bingung2.. sesat2 lagi.. mesti la ada yg silap.. Tugasan yang hanya mengambil masa selama 15 minit, kami selesaikan dalam masa 45 minit.. perrghhh!!! punya la sakit hati time tu.. but, never mind.. the race is not end yet... kita masih boleh kejar yg lain.. chayokk..

You want to know who the winner?? See the pictures below ... and you tell me who the winner of this race.

ONE-PLUS-ONE... antara tugasan yang memerlukan setiap pasukan
mengambil gmbr dgn pasukan lain di Paragon Mall
YES, WE MADE IT... berjaya sampai ke pit stop ke 17.
GIVE ME UR OPINION.. sesi soal jawab antara peserta
dengan pihak jawatankuasa penganjur, selepas perlumbaan tamat.
WE ARE THE CHAMPION.... Congrat to Sabai-Sabai....
me with my officemate... Stella from Likas, Sabah.
ALL THE WINNERS.... Champion, 2nd place and 3rd place..
I will never forget my experience in Bangkok.. explore the city just by looking at a map of Bangkok.. a variety of emotions that arise (blur, scared, confused, worried) but the most important is.. we managed to finish the race as a champion!! Congrat to team Sabai Sabai... you all are the best !!

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Just said...

congrats dear.. siok kan lari2 pusing bangkok.. :)

Asai said...

Just: yes honey... syiok la mengkali.. sesat-sesat d sana.. hehehehe.. tp tu yg buat hubby dia ni terrer jalan2 d sana.. utk jalan kaki ja la.. kalau sewa kerita d sana.. nda berani.. hehehe

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