Sunday car mart @ PJ new town..

Second-hand goods make more sense in our current situation.. And flea markets are a good place to hunt all kinds of things.. But, Where should people looking for used cars turn to apart from the classified ads?

Try PJ new town's Sunday car mart.. Hundreds flock here to look for cars and test their bargaining skills.

Sunday Car Mart... all these car are for sale
According to long-time residents (my best friend), the car mart started more than two decades ago when the MBPJ rented out the parking lot in front of the Civic Centre to a man who in turn charged a fee to sellers who wanted to come and display their cars to potential buyers.

As interest grew in this casual car market, the cars being put up for sale increased, spilling over to the main road (Jalan Yong Shook Lin). Eventually, the council stopped renting out their parking spaces, but a private company stepped in and offered its four-storey carpark (Kompleks A, behind Standard Chartered bank)  to be used for the mart, calling it Car Boot Sale.

Buyer looking for their dream car
Today, this weekly event, which takes place between 8am and 4pm, is so popular that lots are quickly snapped up.

But if you don’t want to pay to display, you can alternatively bring your car and exhibit it at the MBPJ bays nearby. It’s free but sellers usually send their cronies to pre-book these lots the night before. The cars on offer are often spruced up, with the bonnets left open for buyers to inspect the engines.

Wheel and stering also available here
Should you require an audio system, you will probably find it here too. Yes, just about every car accessory can be found at the car mart, including tyres, spare parts and car insurance.

Here, buyers negotiate directly with the sellers, eliminating the need for a middleman. The cars may also be test-driven on the spot.

If you think the mart is only for the cheaper cars, you’d be dead wrong. Many high-end foreign cars like the BMW, Mercedes and Jaguar also find their way here. Even used car dealers are taking advantage of the car mart to showcase their products.

Till then, happy hunting... errr.. hunting for your "new car".. chowww !!!

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