The A-Famosa Resort

Continued from previous stories  :)

After a short trip to explore the Taman Mini Malaysia & Asean.. Our journey continues to the main destination... The A-Famosa Resort !! Yessss... this is the place that we wanted to go actually. Spending the night here.

Mayangsari Suite is the place we overnight. The Suite is a fully furnished moden concept apartment and complemented with 1 or 2 bedrooms, 1 bathrooms, living hall and pantry. We choosed to stay in apartment that have two bedrooms.

Just arrived at the apartment
Happy time
This resort is ideal for those who want peace.. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This resort provides many facilities for visitors. Such as Golf, Animal World Safari, Water World, Cowboy Town and Sport & Recration Centre.  Each facility provides a wide range of activities for visitors.

However, we simply choose only to enjoy the convenience of Cowboy Town. Even the town is only open at night starting at 8.30 pm to visitors. The visitor were queuing to buy tickets as early as 6pm.. Semangat jg durang ni mau pigi tinguk tu Red Indian..

The Red Indian show..
I wonder apa kena mengena gajah dgn Red Indian
At the Cowboy Town
After buying the tickets.. we went to tapau for dinner at a stall near the resort (outside the resort). Beli di luar murah.. hehehe... harga makanan dalam ni resort mahal. Buli tercabut nyawa sbb kena heart attack kalau tinguk harga mknan di sini...

Bila berada di Pekan Koboi.. aktiviti pertama mcm besa la.. aktiviti bergambar-gambar.. pantang-larang nmpk poster cantik mesti mau bergmbr.. kalau buli.. setiap sudut tu kami mau bergambar.. termasuk tiang-tiang yg ntah-apa-kebende.. hahahaha.

Unfortunetely, our excitement interrupted due to heavy rain and we decided to go back to the apartment. Up in the apartment... rest.. sleep.. coz tomorrow have to drive back to KL where the hustle and bustle of the city waiting for our arrival.

Stay tune for the next destination... chowwww !!

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Just said...

pas ni mau p becuti2 lagi.. :D

~KLaRaPaRiS~ said...

Wah nice =D I am going there this November with my friends we take a package 3D2N there complete with the Safari and night show. Can't wait to go!

have a great weekend with family yea~ ^^

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