Taman Mini Malaysia & Asean

I need some rest..... far away from these crowded KL City.. HOLIDAY !!! yes... it's time for cuti-cuti Malaysia. This time we choosed Malacca, the historic city... err... looks like Malacca again huh.. *smile*

Our journey started at 9am... is it too early to start this journey?? No it is not.. it was too late because we expect the traffic will occur during the trip. And our expectation is true. Starting from Hentian Nilai until susur keluar ke Malacca, kesesakan teruk berlaku.. damn !! Penat tu kaki pijak klac.. huhuhu. Time ni la aku rasa nak drive keta automatic transmision.

148 km a head journey usually takes only an hour and a half to arrive. However, that day.. it took up to 2 and a half hours to the destination.. Jem punya pasal..

JEM.... dari highway sampai masuk tol..
Explored the Taman Mini Malaysia & Asean.... yesss... This is our first stop before continuing the journey to the main destination.

If you are curious about the history of Malaysian architecture or in other words, if you want to see the traditional style of housing of all the 13 states of Malaysia, their people and their ways of life, then this is a “never-miss” destination for you!

The Taman Mini Malaysia cultural park, located few kilometers outside Malacca, near the town of Ayer Keroh, built on a singular concept of portraying the essential culture of Malaysia through its architecture and the rooted way of life of its people. 

Banyak-banyak rmh d sini... tangga rumah Sabah yg paling susah mau naik.
Basically, this is a rare opportunity to see the whole Malaysian architecture and heritage in a short all-encompassing way.  And of course, a visit to the park will lend you a break from the constantly buzzing life of urban Malacca!

There is also a mini ASEAN park inside the park , that sports the culture of the whole Southeast Asia, the architecture, and lifestyle of the peoples of the whole region.  You can also go and have a look there.

Although the general view of all these houses seem to be the same, they are not !! Because each one has its own identity and uniqueness. In addition to these traditional houses, visitors can also see a variety of cultural performances in addition to the traditional game.

Till then.. stay tune for my next destination... chowww !!

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