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IF you haven’t seen the Merlion Park, you haven’t fully seen Singapore. An imaginary creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish, the Merlion is the most important trademark, and symbol of the country. Thus, this place would be the first place we visit after enjoying at Universal Studio. Merlion Park is located next to Marina Bay on the city's edge.

As I told you in my previous entry, it is not easy for us to find this place. We understand that we need to get off at Raffles Place MRT station. Then, have to walk to reach the place. However ,after we came out of the station, we do not see the monument. What we see only the buildings, road and shops.. haiya.. are we lost honey? hmmm.. my wife try to find the place by using the map. But, we still confused.. and finally we decided to cross the road and hope we will find any directions to the place.  There are many buildings that have interesting modern design here. So, we don't get bored. Just enjoy the view.

THE MERLION PARK.... IF you haven’t seen the Merlion Park,
 you haven’t fully seen Singapore!
When we are busy taking pictures, from a far, my wife saw the monument that we are looking for. Yeahhhh.. without wasting time,  dari kaki kanan, cepat jalan... kiri kanan kiri.. have to walk around 200 metre to get there.. huhuhu.. Can not wait to go to that place.. Our hearts are excited.. and its became more excited when we stood right in front of the Merlion Statue. An imaginary creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish, the Merlion is the most important trademark, and symbol of the country. Yeahhhh !!!

After captured few pictures memories  at this park and enjoying the view as well, now it is time to say goodbye to "lion fish". We can not be long here as we need  to continue our journey to another place.
EXCITED... hubby n wife... perasan orang bujang pula.. hehe.
Hmmmm.. enjoy di Universal Studio dah.. gambar2 pemandangan dah.. visit the Merlion Park pun suda... so, where are we going honey?

Time for shopping !!! yeaah... Everyone likes shopping, especially the women.. betul ka tidak ooo sumandaks ja yg suka.. hehehe. I also like shopping.  My way (of shopping) -- When I see branded jeans that I like.. I'll look at this stuff.. testing.. testing.. see the prices.. if interested, I go straight to pay at the counter. Simple, only 15 minute.. no need to waste time looking others stuff inside the shop.

Well, different way from women.. They like to in-and-out of shops or boutiques. Usually, they will see all the items that sold in these store. After spending an hour in the shop, they will leave without buying anything. huh.... Then, they will go to another store and do the same thing. Hahahaha. No wonder when women go shopping, they will takes hours just to find a pair of shoes.. Nightmare bro !

Okay.. okay.. alamak, my comment terlebih suda... forget about it.

Continue to my main story.. hehehe... From Merlion Park, we took MRT heading to Orchard station. Lucky Plaza, the place where we to go. Situated in the midst of Singapore's premier shopping district, Lucky Plaza is bustles with its many shops and endless stream of shoppers. For your infomation, this place had been indentified as one of the most accessible landmarks along Orchard Road for the tourist. My opinion, this shopping complex can be consider a little Phillipines or little Indonesia. This is because majority restaurants (provide Phillippine or Indonesia cuisine), shop workers and visitor at this place are from Phillipines or Indonesia.

Lucky Plaza also famous with "cheap perfume". There are many famous perfume brands with cheap price can be found here. Seriously, TOO CHEAP !! Until it makes you wonder whether these products are original or fake! I did'nt buy any perfume here. But, my wife bought 3 bottles of perfume for her mum, bro and herself. I only bought Singapore's t-shirt for me and my kids.

I want to give you all some tips here -- When you want to buy perfume at Lucky Plaza, please remember DO NOT SHOP AT "DOLLARS AND SCENT" shop. Condemned and very poor attitude. You don't want to "waste their time". So, if you really want to buy something at this shop, please "show that you appreciate their service". Think carefully which brands you want to buy or test before you step in the shop. If not, their will say that "You are wasting time, please leave !!". You only have "three tries", after that you never get the 4th chance. You have to pay for the 4th bottle. Without prejudice !

Warning signboard stated inside this shop -- "No testing. Once you test any perfume, It is consider sold"... ni kali la.. klu pekerja kedai nampak anda test perfume untuk kali ke-4.. Anda akan terpaksa beli tu perfume biarpun anda tidak suka wangian tersebut.. perrghhh.. automatik terus kansel niat kami mau survey perfume di kedai ni.

Spending almost 2 hours here, we decided to go to Bugis Street night market. Looking for any interesting goods stuff here. Shopping inside this place is really fun. Cloths, shoes, survenier, hand watch or foods. Everything you want, you can find it here.. psst.. psst.. kedai sex accesories pun ada di sini. Kedai ni jual "adult toys".. Muahahahaha !!

The Bugis Street providing over 600 shops.  This place is the largest street shopping in Singapore. Possibly one of the best-known areas in this country. Because of too many shops here. This place became crowded! This situation uncomfortable to some visitors. Including us. Therefore, we only spent 30 minute in this place. Then, we step out looking for restaurant.. hungry.. hungry.. we need food !!

THE BUGIS STREET.... tempat best mau shopping !
After having our dinner... we went back to the hotel.. relax.. then.. ZZZzzzzzz !!

Around 3.00am.... my wife woke me up. She told me that somebody  is trying to open our door room!! I think that she was dreaming... No !! she's not dreaming.. this is a real. Yes, out there, somebody is trying to breaking into our room. What should we do? At that time, inside my head, my wife's safety is my priority! I try to look outside through the spy-hole. And I can see a couple boy and girl tries to open the door.

Just relax.. Calm down.. If they succesfully break into this room, I will attack them using 15" LCD television. Pasal ganti rugi kerosakan harta benda hotel... belakang cerita.. Perhaps, I will summon this hotel because they  failed to ensure the safety of their customers. I don't  know since when or how long they tries to break in our room. But, after 5 minute.. keadaan di luar senyap dan kemudian terdengar pintu bilik lain ditutup. I don't know which room it is Not important for us to know which one. The most important that thanks God we  are safe! Nothing bad happen to us. Well, lets continue sleep.. ZZzzzzZZZzz !!!


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