Universal Studio, Singapore

Hi Guys,

Today, I want to story about my 2D1N trip to Singapore...

We began our journey from KL to Singapore as early as 5.00 am on March 31... mata pun masih ngantuk time drive keta.. huhuhu.. Since it is only 2D1N trip... we decided to park our car at the LCCT airport. For your infomation, you have choice whether you want to park your car in parking lot in front of the LCCT (the parking area that you have to pay RM3.50 for 1st hour / RM40.50 per day or more).

Or, you can park your car in parking lot that offer low price. Just pay RM16 per day (24 hours).. But, you have to walk 100 meter to get to the LCCT building. well, you wanted the low price, this is the price you have to 'pay' for choosing this parking area. I asked myself.. This area is secure? hmmmm... don't know... 50 -50. Pray nothing happen to our car.

Okay, forget about the parking rate... lets concentrate about Singapore.. hehehe.

Coz we are backpakers and check in via website, thus, we don't any luggage to drop.. After  immigration + security checking, we entered the boarding area.. have a breakfast first.. makan kenyang2.. sbb nanti atas flight teda kena kasi makan tu... flight only takes 40 minutes to reach the destination.. tidak sempat habis makan suda landing.. hehehe.

At 8.35am....AirAsia's flight departure to Changi International Airport, Singapore.

About 40 minutes later, we landing at Changi, Singapore.. upon arrival.. masih blur pasal ni airport. first time bha kami landing di sini.. bingung la sekijap.. hehehe.. so, we just followed the others until we saw the "Singapore Terminal Arrival Immigration".... After crossing this counter, our advanture just began !

Changi International Airport, Singapore
Talking about Singapore, first thing that thought in your mind must be The Universal Studio... right? And that is the destination and main purpose me and my beloved wife came here. Thus, our first destination of course The Universal Studio.. yeaahhh !!

But, since this was our first time here.. How to get there?
From Terminal 1, we followed 'skytrain' signboard which will take us to Terminal 2 (and also Terminal 3). It is a free shuttle that connects ppl from all the airport terminals. From Terminal 2, we followed 'train to city' signboard which took us to the Changi Airport MRT station.
We queue up and bought EZ link card for ourselves. The card cost us $12.00 dollars per card. The card itself is $5.00 dollars. So, we have $7.00 dollars 'on hand'.

To get to USS, read carefully... tarik nafas.. sbb bikin bingung juga ni laluan MRT..telampau byk mau tukar2 tren.
From Changi Airport, take the green MRT heading to Joon Koon or Pasir Ris and transit at the second station, Tanah Merah. From Tanah Merah Station, again take the green MRT heading towards Joon Koon and transit at Outram Park Station (11 stations). At Outram Park, take the purple MRT heading HarbourFront station to the HarbourFront station itself (only 1 station from Outram Park). The journey will cost you $2.30 dollars and about an hour traveling time.

MRT..... Singapore have too many MRT station. Can make you confused.
At HarbourFront Station, proceed to Level 3 of Vivo City Mall for the Sentosa Station to Sentosa Island. We didn't explore the mall cause.. errr... my wife can't wait to enter USS... huhuhu.. If you not using the EZ Link card, you have to buy return ticket from counter which will cost you $3.00 dollars. The monorail will bring you to the Waterfront Station. And here we are... Universal Studio just in front of your eyes !!
Biarpun kontrol macho kunun.... The fact is.. I was so excited to be here. Specially with my beloved wife... hehehe... I was very happy see my wife smiling from ear to ear when she see the 'haunted' Globe.
THE UNIVERSAL STUDIO.... too exited when we arrived here.
MOVIE CHARACTERS.... but unfortunately, we were unlucky
because we can not meet the legend actress Marilyn Monroe... Maybe she was on leave.

ROLLER COASTER.... There are two type of roller coaster here. First, the classic roller coaster...
and secondly, roller coaster "hanging leg"... Seriously, if you're weak-willed type.. Advised not to ride these thing.

After spending nearly 3 hours here, we decide to 'check out' from this place... we had to rush.. we need to check in to our hotel at Bugis Street area. Besides, our schedule is too tight. We have to visit to the other places.. China Town... Merlion Park.. hanging around the city, etc... perghhhh..

to be continue....

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Bos, itu haunted globe panggil lagi owh! Hahahaa..

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