Homestay @ Gopeng, Perak

Tired of the crowded City?? You want peace?? Back-to-nature is the best option for those who want to vacation with natural environment.. 

Just arrived at Rumah Rehat Adeline
 For a back-to-nature weekend with a difference why not try Rumah Rehat Adeline at Kampung Geruntum near Sungai ltik, just 7 Km from the Perak town of Gopeng. However, if you like your creature comforts then this may not be for you, but If you enjoy outdoor hobbies and, have an adventurous spirit, then this is a good starting point. The Rest House is set in a spacious plot of five acres containing a number of well established Durian trees.

Within walking distance from the Rest House a sparkling waterfall tumbles its way down an obstacle course of boulders through shady forest. This is also the haunt of White crowned Forktail. Eventually the turbulent river levels off to a more meandering route to create some quieter pools that are safe for bathing.

For those with a keen interest in nature there are some excellent opportunities for pastimes such as photography, bird and butterfly watching, as well as more active outdoor pursuits.

A small hot-spring bubbling to the surface in the plantation just a short drive from the Rest House created a perfect habitat for a colourful gathering of male Rajah Brooke's Birdwing, with a number of other species observed in the plantation and many more near the waterfall.

The experienced botanist, as well as those who simply have a layman interest in tropical flora, will find that the nearby forest has plenty to offer, not least of all being the fact that one of the famous Rafflesia species grows here.
Obviously, if you are keen to see and photograph one, it will be worth checking with Adeline prior to booking to find out whether there are any in bud or even flowering at that time. She can also organise for a guide to take you to the exact location.

More strenuous activities such as jungle-trekking, white-water rafting on the Kampar River, abseiling, and exploration of the nearby Gua Kandu caves are also available. A qualified guide can be hired for any of these activities at a reasonable fee. Transport can also be organised through Adeline for those wishing to visit the caves.

Jungle tracking... biarpun penat.. paksa ja la senyum time kena gambar.

naik lori untuk masuk ke dalam hutan


If you have your own vehicle, it would not be a problem. You just have to drive themselve to Gopeng.. Just follow the signboard.. Or you can also take a bus from Terminal Puduraya. It should be noted that the bus will only stop in the town of Gopeng. However, Rumah Rehat tersebut ada menyediakan khidmat pengangkutan pergi-balik.  With fare of RM10 per person.

baru lepas bertarung nyawa turun dari atas gua guna flying-fox

hotel "5 Star"..... believe it or not.. pondok kecik muat untuk 9 orang.
But guys... I tell you what.. This is a forest-holiday. So, do not expect 5 star services.. There are no soft beds, hot shower, blankets, air conditioning.. But, there is only have a thin mattress, pillow and blankets yang ala kadar ja la.. Trust me, I am sure you will not forget the moments of your vacation here..... Choowww!!
mandi sungai time...!!!! punya sejuk tu air.

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Wyne Ren @ Mauve Ocean Blue said...

Kalu sa tgk gambar yg naik lori tu kan...betul2 mcm operasi 'punggut' tu 'pilak' di KK owh...ekekeke!

StellaClaire-Richard said...

waaa..tukar background suda.. Nice!
Siok juga tingu kamu jalan2 ni..siap masuk gua lagi tu..ahahaa...

Nice blog, keep it up! :)

Asai said...

Mouren ~ Ok lg tu. Ko mo tau apa kami ckp masa naik tu lori.. "mcm kami ni kambing"!!!

Stella ~ nasib baik jg jmpa template yg ngam theme! Hehehe...

Itu baru msk gua, ko blm nmpk kami bejln dlm laut... menyelam la ba tu kunun! Hahahhaah...

StellaClaire-Richard said...

wahh..mesti siok tu menyelam..sya pun suka.. :)

ba taruh chatbox ba d blog ko ni..senang mo chat2..ahaha.. oh ya ko abang si eva ba kan and hubby to Just.. :)

Nice to know u... :)

Asai said...

Stella ~ saya la tu... :p

Wyne Ren @ Mauve Ocean Blue said...

Haaa?! Mcm kambing?!!...HAHAAHAHA!

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