History of Ibanez

A Short History Of A Company With A Long History

Hello guys..... 

Of course, is certainly out there... there are too many music fans. There are talented people who can play various musical instruments and singing as well. But, for me... I can't sing the songs.. hehehe.. very bad !! hahaha.. that's why la I didn't join the competition of Akademi Fantasia.. hehehe. I only can play guitar.. compose songs. But to sing... mesti kamurang mau muntah + sakit kepala kalau dengar.. hahaha. 

How many people know to play guitar? And how many people have knowledge about the guitar? hmm... ini dua fakta yang berbeza.. don't confused aaa Talented vs knowledged adalah dua perkara yang berbeza.. hehehe.. cheewahh !! mcm cikgu muzik la pula.. 

Jom kita tanya orang yang pandai bermain gitar. If we ask them.. What brand of guitar that would be their choice? Of course they will say  Fender, Ibanez or Kramer. Tetapi, mereka tahukah asal-usul gitar tersebut.. hehehe.. jom kita bongkar rahsia sejarah gitar ini.

my collection

If you wanted a total history of Ibanez you´d have go back to 1908 when a company named Hoshino began as a sheet music store and later music products distributor in Nagoya Japan.

If you wanted a little less completeness than that you´d go back about 1945 when Hoshino began distributing a Spanish guitar named Ibanez. Or perhaps you´d simply go to the Mid 60´s when Hoshino, who by that time had purchased the rights to the Ibanez name, began shipping incredibly funky looking guitars to the United States, many of which were actually sold in department stores.

But for most of us, Ibanez pretty much begins almost 30 years ago, when Hoshino opened an office near Philadelphia, PA for more efficiently distributing Ibanez guitars to the United States. Most of those guitars were Ibanez famous high quality (but very inexpensive) copies of just about everything–you name it, we probably made a version of it. At that time many American instruments were going through an unfortunate period of increasing prices with decreasing quality, and these copies hit a ready market.

But the people with Ibanez weren´t content with just copying and Ibanez began making their own designs: the solid body Artists (played by Bob Weir of the Dead) the Iceman (first made famous by Paul Stanley of KISS and the George Benson guitars, the first jazz boxes designed for higher volume stage playing. Many of these "first" Ibanez guitars continue to increase in value and a good number are now highly prized collector´s items.

Ibanez Iceman
By 1976, the Ibanez copy era officially came to an end when one of the major American guitar manufacturers--no longer amused by the copiers–successfully sued the highest profile copier, Ibanez. But by that time it didn´t matter–Ibanez had already left the copies behind and was fast becoming an innovative guitar company in its own right.

By the mid-80´s with the interest in instrumental rock guitar on the rise, Ibanez collaborated with players such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Paul Gilbert and brought out the JEM, JS, RG and S models. Today, present day versions such as these models still considered the standard in hard rock and instrumental rock guitars.

Today, Ibanez offers the huge number of 4, 5, and 6 basses in the Soundgear as well as the basses of the future, the luthite-bodied Ergodynes.

Till then...... stay tune..  more history about guitar... chowww !!

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Wyne Ren @ Mauve Ocean Blue said...

Asai, beranti keja and buka kedai jual guitar lah. (^_6)

Asai said...

yes... tu la aku punya impian.. Ada studio and kedai muzik sendiri.. hehehe.

Just said...

aku mo kedai bag sendiri! muahahahha..

Asai said...

bakal ahli perniagaan ba kita ni kan honey... muahahahaha !!

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