Bukit Tabur, Melawati

Pheewwiitttt....... !!! Yes... that's the sound for the great adventure that we experienced last weekend.

If last time, we have been climbing the Bukit Gasing .. This time, we conquered the peak of Bukit Tabur located in Selangor, between Melawati and UIA Gombak. For those who live in the Klang Valley area, must know about this hill... This hill could be seen from the MRR2 highway (Gombak to Ampang).

Tabur Hill also know as Dragon's Backbone have a route length of 16KM with the height of peak is about 250 meters above the sea. There is no public transport to the starting point of the hike.. so, you need a taxi or you own car to get there.

Bukit Tabur
We started our climb at exactly 7.45am... very semangat huh... Started with the easy access, it's turn into a "nightmare".. Seriously, along the route is scary!!! kiri-kanan gaung yang curam.. if you step wrongly... perrghh.. mmg confirm matai la..

Statements that notify about the horrific accidents happened here.
Moral of story... jangan mau tunjuk eksyen bila panjat bukit ni.. I'm not kidding. Nasib baik la ada member yang jadi guide time panjat bukit ni.. kalau pigi sendiri... hmmm.. mmg tidak menjadi la plan menuju puncak.. hehehe.

Kalau jatuh.... mati katak !!
There were many stages we had to climb the mountain wall like a Spiderman.. safety not guaranteed when climb this 90 degrees wall .. that's why I told you.. silap step.. mmg matai.. better don't look down if you have height problem!! Kalau jatuh pigi tu gaung, tiada insurans.. So, mati katak la!! Huhuhu.

There are four peaks that need to be captured and of course it's not easy to conquer these peaks. Sometimes, I wonder... what is the hell i'm doing here??? This is Sunday morning... sepatutnya aku bangun lambat hari ni... hehehe. 

Salah satu peak yang terdapat d Bukit Tabur
Although there were many  challenges that challenge the mind.. it did not discourage us to continue the journey.. And we made it to the end at 1145am AT LAST... okay la kan jarak masa tu untuk kami yang first-timer panjat ni bukit.. hehehe.

The beautiful scenery from the top will make you forget about the "nightmare"...  From here, you can see the views of KL City, neighborhood Melawati.. even the other hills in the Klang Valley.. And also view of large lake.. we were told that, the lake is used as a water catchment area. It is used to supply clean water to consumers in the Klang Valley.. Memang rugi la kalau tidak bawa kamera.

The lake view
KL City view
For second time.. honestly, I'm not ready to climb the hill without a guide YET! But, I will try to make it maybe next time.. Till then, stay tune for my next adventure... chowww !!

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