Journey to the summit of Mt Kinabalu (Final)

Hello there.... Thanks for keep following my story... This is the final episode.. *smile*

28th April - After we managed to conquer the summit of Mt Kinabalu... Without wasting time, we continue our journey back down to Laban Rata.. everyone is hungry.. so, we have to move fast. hehehehe.... errr... looks like my story banyak cerita pasal makan pula kan.

Beside, we also need to get ready to-go-back to the kaki gunung on the same day. Meaning, we don't have much time. Everything must be done fast.. So, after taking dozens (total 493 photos) of photos for memories, we begin the steps move down the mountain.

From the peak to Laban Rata, it's take half an hour to get there. After having a rest and enjoy some food as well.. we started packing our stuff. Promptly at 11.00 am,. we begin to move down to the foot of the mountain.. err.. betul ka tu ayat untuk "kaki gunung".. hehe.

ENJOY the views....
SAFETY FIRST... watch your step

HATI RIANG GEMBIRA.... pasal makan... mmg nombor satu.
Time to go down... Non-stop.... !!! Just relax only for 2 or 3 minutes... mau cepat sampai bawah.. Semasa mendaki kami mencatat masa 5 jam untuk sampai ke Laban Rata... Tetapi apabila turun.. kami berjaya catat masa selama 3 jam 45 minit.. perrghhhh.. 

Wait a second.. do you think we are too fast??? NO..!!!! Because there are somebody out there who are damn fast... See the picture below.

How they do it..???? Only take a time 2 hours to up and down!!! 
PHOTO MEMORIES.... (From Left) Zaid Kacak, Fairuz the Cool-man,
Zamri the Horbet,  Johan the Porter/Guide, Asai the Guitar Hero and Yazid the Big Boss.

Goodbye Gunung Kinabalu..... surely I will miss all the memories with you guys (the guide, porter, cleaner, officer, van driver.. climbers and specially my TEAM)... And I will climb this mountain again in future.. choowwww..!!!

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MosePA said...

Wah... Punya best kan... Sya tdk sabar2 mau daki untuk kali kedua... Huhuhu... Bila lah ni sya berpeluang ar???? Anyway... Congratulation!!! Yeah, you should be proud for managed to conquer the most highest mountain in South East Asia... Mt. Kinabalu bah tu... Hehehe... Congrats once again... Yeahhh...

Asai said...

Thanks.... Next time sya mau naik lg tu gunung.. hehehe.. but, next time la.. ni kali kami plan mau try aktiviti scuba la pula.. menyelam d dasar laut.. cari tu ikan Nemo..

AngelzGaban said...

rekod sa.. daki sampai gunting lagadan 8jam.. masa turun 2jam 45minit saja.. berlari turun kan uncle.. hahaaha

Anonymous said...

AngelzGaban - ya.. Time turun kalau ada jalan rata, kami berlari.. Mau cepat sampai sbb mau kejar tu masa before 4pm.. Actually kami kejar tu makanan ba.. Haha. Jam 4pm close sdh tu restoran.

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