Journey to summit of Mt Kinabalu (Part 2)

Let continue the great story of mine... *smile*

28th April - The watch is showing at 1:30 am.. With great enthusiasm we stepped out of the room and headed to the dining hall (that's only the intention in our mind at that time.. EAT)... Hehehehehe. Let's supper !!! because the weather is very cold (understand the temperature stood at negative (-3) degrees Celsius). Thus, we easily get hungry and hungry !!!!

KM 8... another 200m to go

The sunrise.....
One more thing.. actually, when we climbed up to Laban Rata.. I was not feeling well.. experiencing severe headaches. Probably due to the extreme cold weather and the pressure as well

"Ya Allah !!!! Give me strength to face these allegations. Amin."

tried to ignore the pain... and at exactly 2:30 am, we started climbing to the summit. everything starts smoothly. Moving with caution in the early morning darkness. It is estimated that a total of 50 climbers (from all over the world) started climbing the mountain at the same time. Totally memang jem jalan time tu..

One-by-one and team-by-team 'over take' us! Mana buli jadi ni... hehehe.. At first, we were in the front position.. kira yang paling awal daki tu gunung la ba kan.. tapi ntah mcm mana team kami blh berada di belakang.. sikit lg yang paling last..... chayokkkkk.... hahahahaha.. nda ba.. *laugh*

The most challenging part is when you have to use the climbing rope.. perrrghhh.. I'm telling you what.. mis-step, you will fall into the ravine. So, don't play-play aaa... must be serious !!! errrr... actually safety first !!

Severe headache strikes again... langkah panjang jadi pendek! langkah laju jadi pelan! With the strong wind and very cold air.. I almost gave up!! although the distance is just 700m away to the peak.

Finally, I made ​​it to the highest peak in Southeast Asia at exactly 6:00 am!! Two of our friends conquered the peak earlier and they managed to say HI to the sunrise. The other friend made it 20 minute later.. ok la ba kan... at least sampai jg semua..

WE MADE IT...!!!!!!! congratulation to all.
(from left: Madonna, Lady Gaga, Fairuz, Zamri (sit), Zaid Kacak and Asai)
After about 15 minutes at the summit... kami pun turun kembali ke Laban Rata... dengan hati yang sungguh riang gembira.... hehehe... dan dalam fikiran time tu... MAKAN !!!!! kami lapar ni...


To be continued... stay tune... chowwwww !!!!

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Just said...

pancit!! :D

Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

Biarpun sa nampak kamurang mcm urang sot berlumpatan sana atas gunung...tapi memang sa sangat impressed kamurang berjaya smpi tempat naga kinabalu main futsal time dulu dulu ...he he he!

Asai said...

Honey ~ pancit pun sampai jg... hahahaha..

Sis Wyne ~ semua tu urang putih kan tinguk ja kami gmbr gila2 d atas sana.. teda urang lain bergambar mcm tu.. kami ja.. sampai tu urang putih tanya kami.. "kamurang tidak penatkah? mampu lg gmbr gila2".. hehehe

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