Journey to the summit of Mt Kinabalu (Part 1)....

Do you understand the title that I gave? MENUJU KE PUNCAK GUNUNG KINABALU...  Yehaaaaa... !!! at last, I made it..!!!

It all started with an empty conversation between me and other colleagues in 2009.. We plan to conquer the mountain.. And the plan became serious in 2010. We started sourcing an agent, of coz the one that can come out with reasonable and affordable price! 

The main concern about the the stay during the climb is that for both of the nights that you have, you will have to spend it on a different place and at a different altitude level. You have to stay in Kinabalu Park HQ (Mesilau or Timpohon) on the first night and Laban Rata on the second night. 

We need to adjust the date as per the availability of the accommodation and finally 27th April 2011 has been picked to fulfilled our dreams!!

Actually, only four of us are planning for this expedition. However, when we expressed the desire - to conquer the summit - to our Boss, he expressed interest in joining us TOO. What a lucky day... hehehehehe.. bukan senang Boss nak join oiii.

26th April - It's almost 9:30 am and we landed safely at KKIA.. fly with FireFly.. However, we got the bad news.. BAD NEWS INDEED!! My luggage has been opened by someone without my permission!! And I have lost my sun-glasses worth RM380!!! I am not alone but many passengers had the same bad luck like me.... Shittt..!!

However, occasional loss of the goods does not dampen our spirit to conquer the highest peak in Southeast Asia. Teda tu spek pun buli jg ba.. hehehehe.
the banner "Asai & The Gangs"... mahal tu beb.
At the National Park
The deepest part of my life - during the shuttle flight KL to KK - when someone is waiting for me at the airport, by holding a banner that stated my name... wakakakakaka.. punya best.. lps tu, ada lagi Bas Persiaran tunggu d luar... yehaaaa !!! I feel like a foreign tourist visiting Sabah, my hometown!! hehehe..

Without wasting time, we continued our journey to Kundasang Highland. Errr.. There is nothing interesting during this trip. Only, the scenery of green mountains. After about an hour's drive, we arrived at the National Park. Here, we register the names for the purpose of climbing the mountain. After that,  we proceeded to Mesilau, Kundasang.. We will stay here for one night.  All go to bed early... really cool... !!!

Room where we stayed at Mesilau.
27th April - 9:30 am.. The journey begins... Are you ready..????? let's rock n roll.. As we were TOO "lazy" to carry our bags during the climbing, we surrendered everything to our Guide cum Porter including water and packet of lunch.. a total of 33kg and we had to pay a sum of RM330 (RM10 per kg).. Phewwww...

It was so surprise, he lifted the heavy burden of 33kg alone, up to Laban Rata without any complaints!!! Memang "Raja Gunung"... perrghhh!!

all the way... have a break!!
The journey begins
While being briefed about the distance and travel time to Laban Rata, we understand that it will take up to 8 hours to reach the destination. But, we managed to get to destinations within 5 hours (arrival at 3:00pm).. so fast hah... hehehehe..

After having a buffet dinner.. relax ... while enjoying the very cold weather (10 degrees celcius).. sleeping is the best way to relax the mind and physical.. To be more energetic climbing to the peak at 2:00 am later.

Beautiful view from Laban Rata... guess what... kami berada di atas awan.

To be continued... stay tune.... chowww !!!!

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Just said...

Congratz again dear!! Say congrat to me also when I conquer the peak next year! ngeh ngeh ngeh...

Asai said...

i will follow you... !!!!!!!!!

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