Date of 20.10.2010

Hello everyone... the weather in KL is sunny, how bout your area? hmm.. before this, everyone were busy talking about the date of 10.10.2010.. Many couples took this oppurtunity to create their own history on that day... Be it declaration for being a partner, engaged or getting married.. Can't denied that the date is really beautiful and unique.

Despite the fun dan excitement, there was also sadness on that day. The tragedy of horrific involving six vehicles on the Kilometer 222.9, enough to remember the families - of the victims of those involved - that date as black history.

Now, the beautiful and unique numbers  come again. This time with the numbers 20.10.2010... What is the unique in this date?  Again, couple will pick this date to declare their relationship as couple, engagement or wedding. Such things that happened on 10.10.2010 will be repeated. Only, it is hope that horrific accident will not accur again... Safety First.

For me, 20.10.2010 is nothing special.. hehehehe... next week baru ada yang special.. I Love You Tonite lagi tu... hahahahaha.

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Wyne Ren @ Mauve Ocean Blue said...

Hahaha...mahal tau tu I love you tonite...muahaha

Sa pun teda special hari ni kunun...anyhow, bagus kita berblog lah hari ni Sai...

Just said...

Kita tnggu 1.6.16 aa... ;p

- zuriey - said...

malam tadi tgok wayang je

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